Construction Machinery Industry Development Status

Construction Machinery Industry Development Status

Introduction: In recent years, China's large-scale construction machinery equipment has achieved considerable development. The company has closely integrated the needs of construction machinery and the requirements of construction companies, realized import substitution, and achieved good economic and social benefits. As China's enterprises have gradually become an important player in the field of international construction machinery, many companies have changed their position from the industry leader to an international leader. Their brand influence, internationalization, corporate management and value chain integration capabilities A substantial increase. In particular, the pioneering companies have continued to explore more feasible solutions on the road to internationalization, according to the "2015 Yellow Table" of the latest global construction machinery manufacturer released by International Construction magazine (2015). China has eight companies on the list, and XCMG ranks eighth, ranking first among Chinese companies.

As China’s economy has entered a new normal, the conditions for supporting the rapid growth of China’s construction machinery industry have undergone important changes. The slowdown in the demand for downstream industries such as real estate and infrastructure construction has brought unprecedented challenges to the development of China’s construction machinery industry. Traditional The speed-based development model has been difficult to sustain and there is an urgent need to change to quality.

Under this background, how to develop personalized products to meet the market demand, how to improve product quality and service level has become the industry must answer questions.

Problems in China's construction machinery industry

Although China's construction machinery industry has made important achievements, it also faces many development difficulties and constraints, and it is summarized as follows:

First, the development of key common technologies and components is lagging behind. The key components that have long restricted the development of the construction machinery industry in China have still not been fundamentally resolved, such as the long-term dependence of hydraulic systems on the products or brands of foreign companies.

Second, industry standards are lagging or even missing. Some of the current standard technical indicators for construction machinery products are too low to fully reflect the current state of the industry's technological level. There is a lack of standards for lagging aging issues and repeated cross-contradictions, which to some extent constrain progress in technological advancement and transformation and upgrading of the industry. China's standards and regulations related to construction machinery work in the international counterparts are not high, lack of the right to speak;

Third, the risk prevention and control and financing management system is not perfect. In 2014, sales through financial leasing and bank mortgages accounted for 86.6% of the sales of agents. Due to the lack of financial leasing integrity system, overdue equipment rates, untrustworthy customers continued to increase, and equipment frauds and missing events occurred frequently;

Fourth, the lack of management of the use of construction equipment, the use of overdue service equipment, and the extensive use of safety and emission non-compliance equipment. Because China's in-use engineering machinery management is not standardized, currently does not grasp the actual use of China's construction machinery, it is understood that some of the existing construction machinery and equipment are lack of maintenance, poor maintenance, safety performance and environmental performance there are many problems and hidden dangers.

In order to promote the development of excellent industries and strategic industries including the construction machinery industry, the country is currently hurrying to study and introduce relevant policies to support them. The first is the related policy of “Made in China 2025”; the second is the research on the “new-for-new” subsidy policy for construction machinery; the third is the construction of hydraulics innovation platform.

In spite of the “Top Ten Areas” listed in China Manufacturing 2025 (Top Ten Areas Including Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles, Power Equipment, New Materials, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Bio-pharmaceuticals and High-Performance Medical Devices, Next-Generation Information Technology, and High-end CNC The machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, advanced rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment, and high-tech ships do not include the construction machinery industry, but it is not difficult to find that the "four major policies" and "five major projects" proposed in China Manufacturing 2025 "China is closely related to the construction machinery industry. In the implementation process of "Made in China 2025", the construction machinery industry will be an important part. The implementation plans for the five major projects deployed in "Made in China 2025" are being intensively developed and will be formally introduced at the end of the year.

In order to promote stable growth and structural adjustment, the country has recently introduced a number of policies, such as the reduction of taxes on the purchase of autos under 1.6 liters. In order to increase the scrapping and rejuvenation of old equipment, it is planned to implement old-for-new subsidies for old construction machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, ships, etc. The state will give financial subsidies.

Specifically, in-use non-road construction machinery (including excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver machines, internal combustion forklifts, and road rollers) that are in use against the national 0 emission level and the national I emission standard are scrapped and updated in advance. For the National III emission standard products, each unit is subsidized according to a certain percentage of the purchase price of the new machine. At present, we are researching and trying to coordinate the relevant departments to implement it. This will bring important opportunities for expanding the demand for new products for construction machinery.

Under the new normal, China's construction machinery industry faces unprecedented challenges, but it also faces unprecedented opportunities and has entered a new historical period toward higher goals.

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