Osram Multi-LED Module Appears Concept Car Turns Headlights into Projector

Osram says its multi-LED modules will be used in the latest Oasis concept. Oasis is an unmanned vehicle owned by Rinspeed O and its concept car will participate in the CES 2017 show. The Oasis model has a different look and is very eye-catching. OSRAM will also provide five multi-light-emitting diode modules for the headlights of the concept car. The company's innovative design of the headlights makes it a personalized headlight. The company combines 6-10 multi-LED modules with electronic systems to achieve optimal performance of low beam and high beam. Oasis headlights can also project a wide variety of animation sequences, along with headlights and other lighting features. With Osram's multi-light-emitting diode technology, this Oasis concept car is expected to provide dynamic information for drivers and pedestrians. The Oasis vehicle is also equipped with two headlight LED auxiliary projection modules that can project information such as welcome to the driver. In addition, the module provides a high-quality illumination source while driving at night, while communicating with the outside world (road pedestrians or vehicles) with information projected onto the road ahead. An example given by Osram is that pedestrians can learn about the content after the vehicle emits projection information, master the time of crossing the road, and improve safety. The company is envisaged, the same type of LED-based systems may also be able to provide in-vehicle information and entertainment functions or other functions, such as movies, video or other status information to put on any plane outside the car.

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