Talk about three-phase capacitance inductance tester product performance characteristics

Talk about three-phase capacitance inductance tester product performance characteristics
R & D and production of three-phase capacitance inductance tester for 20 years
Three-phase capacitance inductance tester working principle
Working principle diagram
Figure 1, the working principle
A capacitor sampling circuit has a sampling circuit for sampling the voltage and current of the measured capacitance. The output terminals of the sampling circuit are respectively connected to the amplification circuit, and the voltage signal output from the voltage amplification circuit and the current signal output from the current amplification circuit pass the phase detection. The device outputs a phase difference signal, and after the voltage signal and the current signal pass through the A/D converter, the input CPU calculates to obtain the measured capacitance value. Because of the use of a moving current sampling unit, it is possible to directly measure the capacitance without removing the connection line.
In addition, the measurement process position is automatically selected to avoid the error caused by manual operation, so it has the characteristics of good stability, good repeatability, and accuracy and reliability.
Three-phase capacitance inductance tester product wiring instructions
1: Grounded. .
2: Printer: Prints measurement data and waveforms.
3: LCD screen.
4: Voltage output indicator.
5: A, B, C output voltage terminals.
6, 7, 8: A, B, C current sampling interface.
7: Measurement output switch.
8: Reset button: Press this button to jump directly back to the main menu.
9: Function selection: used for the selection of various functions on the display.
The other note: Only the A, B voltage terminals and A-phase current sampling lines are connected for single-phase measurement.
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