Why is the first international industry certification awarded to domestic double-sided batteries?

When people's impression of photovoltaic power is still stuck in a large panel of sunflowers that are generally facing the sun, advances in technology have been subverting existing perceptions. Recently, the “Panda” N-type double-sided power generation PV module developed by China Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Ltd. has obtained the first double-sided power generation product certification certificate in the global photovoltaic industry. The back side of the shadow can also generate electricity, which will be a new trend in the photovoltaic industry in the future.

It is understood that the N-type battery refers to a solar cell fabricated using an N-type silicon wafer. Unlike P-doped boron, the silicon of the N-type battery is doped with phosphorus. Two different dopings result in the opposite type of majority carrier of the semiconductor. The double-sided battery means that the back of the battery product is also designed with an H-shaped grid line, and light is incident on the back side to generate electricity.

According to Song Dengyuan, director of the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials and Technology, N-type double-sided batteries have several advantages: the first is double-sided power generation, the back can provide 10%-30% power generation gain; the second is N-type silicon pole The earth weakens the photo-attenuation effect at the beginning of the application, and conventional P-type battery modules have about 20% power attenuation over a 25-year lifetime, but N-type battery modules have about 16.5% power attenuation over a 30-year lifetime. Third, the temperature coefficient of the double-sided battery is lower than that of the conventional aluminum back-field battery.

According to the International Photovoltaic Technology Roadmap (ITRPV), the proportion of N-type monocrystalline silicon cells will increase from around 7% in 2016 to around 30% in 2022. Experts attending the meeting pointed out that the launch of the double-sided power generation battery and components will enable China's photovoltaic industry to further lead the world's technological development and promote industrial upgrading.

The China Institute of Metrology is directly affiliated with the AQSIQ. It is the highest measurement science and technology research center and legal measurement technology institute in the country. It undertakes research, establishment, preservation, maintenance and use of various measurements in China. The unit's national measurement base standard. The Accreditation Certification Center's advanced technology product certification for the National Photovoltaic "Leader" program focuses on the evaluation of technological advancement and reliability. The “Photovoltaic Runners Program” is a special PV support program that the National Energy Administration of China plans to implement from 2015. The “Leader” program will be implemented through the construction of advanced technology photovoltaic power generation demonstration bases and new technology application demonstration projects.

According to the evaluation mode of “type test + technical review + post-certification supervision”, the certified personnel have passed the certification test on the key performance indicators and quality stability of Yingli N-type double-sided photovoltaic modules, process control level and equipment capability, Excellent process control capability, product quality stability, quality management capability, etc. The positive conversion efficiency of the battery, the positive conversion efficiency of the components, and the double-sided power generation gain rate of the components all reached A+, reaching the industry leading level, exceeding the national PV. The “Top Runner” program requires advanced technology. (The component double-sided power generation gain rate is based on the maximum output power of the front side of the component under specific operating and test conditions, and the front and back sides generate electricity simultaneously, and the maximum output power increases.)

Since its inception in 2009, Yingli's “Panda” products have been upgraded in all aspects of technology upgrades, material combinations, layout design, packaging and transportation. At present, the new generation of panda batteries can achieve a front efficiency of 21.5%, and the back power generation efficiency can reach more than 90% of the positive. The "Panda" Bifacial series of photovoltaic modules (60 batteries) produced by the new generation of "Panda" batteries can contribute 10%-30% of the front power generation on the back of the system at the optimized system installation. The actual power generation exceeds 380W, etc. The efficiency of the efficiency component reaches 24.5%, which can reduce the system cost by more than 25%, and has a very positive effect on accelerating the realization of solar photovoltaic parity.

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