Infrared digestion furnace need to pay attention to what?

Infrared digestion furnace is an important type of digester product, because its heating method is infrared quartz heating tube, heating element is milk quartz tube as infrared radiation source, so it is called infrared digestion furnace. The advantages of infrared digestion furnaces are good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, various shapes, long-term use without deformation, good thermal stability, etc., so agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, geology, chemical industry, food and other departments and institutions of higher learning, scientific research departments In the digestion process of plants, seeds, feed, food, soil, ore, etc., the use of infrared digestion furnace is very extensive.


In the use of infrared digestion furnace, in order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, there are many areas that need attention. The first and most basic is that the operation must be performed in accordance with the product manual, and the operation process must also be strictly in accordance with the regulations. Operational norms to operate; Second, in order to avoid heat dissipation affect sample digestion, serious damage to the internal parts of the machine, digester digestion hole is not empty, if there is not enough sample can be directly empty digester on the digester; The third is when conducting inspections of infrared digestion ovens or replacing parts, it is forbidden to work with electricity. It must be determined that the power supply has been cut off before it can be operated to avoid the danger caused by electric shock. Fourth, if the sewage pipe is lower than the water tap, you can Forming water will affect the digestive effect, so the sewage pipe should be raised as far as possible, at least not lower than the tap.
The above are the four major issues that need to be noted in the use of infrared digestion furnaces. By telling the above, we hope that we can help our customers in future use, and at the same time, in order to maintain the good performance of the infrared digestion furnace and extend its service life, The day-to-day management of infrared digestion ovens is also very important. Specialists should regularly arrange the infrared digester for flexibility testing to ensure that the infrared digester can work normally and achieve good digestion results.

Machinery Parts is namely machine parts, it is basic components of machine. 

Since the present of machine, the corresponding mechanical parts appear. But as also be a discipline, machinery parts separated from the mechanical structure and mechanics. With the development of mechanical industry, new design theory and method, new materials, new technology all appear one after another, then machinery parts entered a new stage of development. Theories such as finite element method and fracture mechanics, elastic hydrodynamic pressure lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer aided design (CAD), entity modeling (Pro, Ug, Solidworks, etc.), system analysis and design methodology has been gradually used in the research and design of machinery parts. Better combination of a variety of disciplines, combination of macro and micro to search new principle and structure, more dynamic and precise design, more efficient use of the electronic computer, the further development of design theory and method, is the important trend in the development of the discipline.

Machinery Parts

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