Introduction to the structure composition and use specifications of gantry cranes and gantry cranes

Introduction: Gantry cranes and gantry cranes are, in general, composed of main girder structures, outriggers, walking beams, walking structures, electrical appliances, ladders, and driver operating rooms. The main structure of the crane gantry crane is welded steel box type and truss type structure. The welding box type main beam, outrigger, and main steel plate are made in strict accordance with the relevant technical standards. Truss-type main beams, outriggers, main angles and channel steels are strictly welded in accordance with the relevant technical standards.

Introduction to the structure composition and use specifications of gantry cranes and gantry cranes

The gantry crane and the main girder and leg of the gantry crane can be divided into several sections. The sections are connected by a gusset plate and refined high-strength bolts of M24B grade. It has the characteristics of convenient transportation, convenient disassembly and assembly, and fast assembly speed. According to the requirements, different spans such as 25m, 20m, 17m, and 12m can be assembled, with different lifting heights of 16m, 12m, 7m, and 3m. Suitable for different conditions in the scene.

The use of gantry cranes with a tonnage of more than 20 tons is mostly designed as a double main girder, which is an important basis for determining the weight bearing and lifting span of the lifting of the door hanger. Its production process, precision, and the service life after the crane is determined. In a group of main beams can be installed 3-10 tons of electric hoists to make up for the lack of speed in lifting light-weight objects. Legs, also called columns, support the girder to link the main walking system. The weight of the crane also depends mainly on the legs and determines the lifting height of the door hanger. It is also the support and stability system of the door hanger.

The main part of gantry crane and gantry crane is also the power system of the equipment. The single door hanger below 16 tons is powered by a set of two active and two passive two-motor two-reducer power systems. More than 20 tons are powered by two power systems (to ensure safety), that is, there are four active 4 passive 4 motor 4 speed reducers under the 4 legs. This kind of assembly structure can make large-tonnage gantry crane more secure and stable. Lift and run.

How to standardize the use of gantry cranes, gantry cranes, it is recommended to refer to the following points:

1 Each gantry crane is equipped with at least one driver and one silk worker.

2 The gantry crane driver must undergo professional training and be familiar with the overall structural features and operation methods of the machine. After passing the examination of related departments, the gantry crane driver can operate.

3 It is forbidden to operate without the formal training of the driver.

4 Before each operation of the equipment every day, the driver must check whether all the mechanical and electrical equipment is good and whether the control system is flexible, and perform regular maintenance and lubrication of the equipment as required.

5 When lifting the article for the first time in each shift so that the load is close to the rated load, the driver should lift the weight to a height of not more than 0.5m and then brake when approaching the ground to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

6 Never use overloaded.

7 It is strictly prohibited to tilt the goods.

8 It is forbidden for people and items to go up and down.

9 It is not allowed to hover over the air for a long time. When the gantry crane lifts a heavy object, the driver and ground commander are not allowed to leave.

10 Warning signs should be set up for gantry cranes. When gantry cranes are used for lifting and transporting articles, personnel in the area should be evacuated first, and hoisting objects are prohibited from passing through the top of the head.

11 When the equipment is being serviced and maintained, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and hang up the [person maintenance] warning sign.

12 When the gantry crane is completed, it should be opened to the designated position and all the controllers and handles should be turned to zero to cut off the power supply. When the power is suddenly cut off, the main circuit must be cut off and all the controllers and handles must be turned to zero.

13 It is forbidden to perform wind work above level 6.

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