Talking about the lighting industry standard

Recently, the 2016 China Blue Book Touring Lecture Hall was successfully held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. The event was hosted by the China Building Decoration Association and the China Building Decoration Association Research Branch. It was also organized by the Shanxi Provincial Building Decoration Association and also supported by Opal Lighting. Recently, the 2016 China Blue Book Touring Lecture Hall was successfully held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. The event was hosted by the China Building Decoration Association and the China Building Decoration Association Research Branch. It was also organized by the Shanxi Provincial Building Decoration Association and also supported by Opal Lighting. Zhao Jun, laboratory manager of Op Lighting Co., Ltd., is on the spot to share dry goods for everyone. The effectiveness of the lighting products, the direction of the evaluation indicators and the requirements of the testing laboratory are briefly explained. Zhao Jun, laboratory manager of Op Lighting Co., Ltd., shared the analysis of lighting industry standards on the spot. The evaluation indicators of lighting products are divided into four aspects. The first is the safety requirements. LED lighting products mainly carry out testing related to GB7000.1 standards, including: lamp structure, internal and external wiring, grounding requirements, protection against electric shock, dust, solid foreign matter and waterproof, withstand voltage, Insulation resistance test, creepage distance, clearance, durability and heat test, as well as heat, fire and flame resistance of materials. With the popularity of LED products, the harm of blue light to the human retina is becoming more and more important. In view of such hazards, the evaluation requirements for optical radiation safety have been added in the new GB7000.1-2015. As a lighting company with responsible and excellent technology, Op Lighting will minimize its harm in all aspects. Secondly, the performance requirements, the general evaluation content of the lighting product performance indicators mainly include: optical characteristics, electrical characteristics, color characteristics, thermal characteristics, life characteristics, reliability and so on. Among them, optical performance is a very important indicator. A good lighting product can provide a comfortable and warm lighting environment, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. The relevant characteristic indicators to achieve this effect mainly include the following aspects: (1) The light characteristics mainly include: light intensity distribution, initial light effect/light flux, light intensity/illuminance and glare requirements; (2) electrical characteristics mainly include: Lamp power, power factor; (3) Color characteristics mainly include: correlated color temperature, color rendering index, chromaticity coordinates, chromaticity tolerance, color distribution inhomogeneity and color space uniformity; (4) thermal characteristics mainly include thermal resistance And the junction temperature; (5) The life characteristics mainly include the switching frequency test, the life/acceleration life test, the lumen maintenance rate (the luminous flux maintenance rate), the light intensity maintenance rate, etc. The third is electromagnetic compatibility, and the electromagnetic compatibility evaluation index of the lighting electronic product includes : Conduction, radiation, harmonics, surges, group pulses, voltage drops, etc., where conduction, radiation and harmonics are mandatory. Op Lighting strictly requires all products to meet the limits of relevant standards, to ensure that the lighting products do not affect the normal operation of the surrounding electrical appliances during use, and are not affected by the surrounding electrical appliances. Finally, reliability is based on testing, which simulates different space environmental conditions to ensure that the product works properly. The test items include: high temperature aging, low temperature start, alternating heat and humidity, high and low temperature cycle, thermal shock, salt spray test, etc. Every simulation of Op Lighting is strictly controlled, and every product is not only qualified, but also able to adapt to the smooth operation in different environments. Testing laboratory requirements According to the above evaluation indicators, we need to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the indicators, and the testing laboratory also has sufficient testing equipment and related testing capabilities. Op Lighting Lab currently has first-class testing equipment at home and abroad, and has established safety laboratory, durability laboratory, material laboratory, IP laboratory, EMC laboratory, optical performance laboratory, reliability laboratory, aging life. Laboratory, etc. At present, the laboratory has the qualification of ISO/17025 national accredited laboratory, TV witness laboratory qualification and self-ballasted LED lamp energy efficiency labeling testing laboratory qualification.

Tri Clamp concentric reducers, as their name implies, reduce in diameter towards the center thus forming a conical cylinder. A Concentric Reducer is often used inline on a vertical flow application, or if laid horizontally, as an increaser. We do not recommend reducing in the horizontal as pooling may occur. In these cases, an Eccentric Reducer, which lays flat on one side is preferable. Concentric reducers have a lower chance of producing agitation like an end cap reducer may.


Tri Clamp eccentric reducers are designed primarily to reduce in a horizontal flow application. Because they are flat on one side, their is no risk of pooling, unlike their concentric reducer counterparts.They are also well suited when one end is offset from the other in a vertical position. They are designed to be inserted inline and have a lower chance of producing agitation.


1.Connection mode: Clamp,Weld

2.Specification: 1/2"-4", applied to the stainless steel pipeline system

3.Material: SS304, SS316L

4.Standard: ISO, DIN, SMS, 3A etc

5.Application: Beer, food, dairy, beverage, cosmetics, pharmacy etc industries


Sanitary Reducer


1.Are you a trader or manufactory?
 We are a manufactory (Own Forging workshop and CNC machining workshop )
2.Can your products reach to FDA , CE and 3A requirements?
Yes, all of our material can reach to the requirements of FDA, ISO and 3A Certificate).

3.We can supply:
Sanitary Butterfly Valve, Sanitary Check Valve and Diaphragm Valves, as well as Various Tank Accessories:  Sight Glass, Strainers/Filter, Cleaning Ball, And other Pipe Fittings , (Pipe Unions: SMS, DIN, IDF, RJT, 3A,DS; Fittings: Ferrule,Elbow, Tee, Reducer and all other Non-standrad fittings), each products are tested well by our strictly Quality Control System, and we also have excellent service to support you and promote your business.
4.Lead Time:
For large quantity, as usual, it can be sent out within 20-40 days.
Small parcel will be dispatched by DHL, FedEx, UPS OR TNT Courier.
Big cargo will be delivered by Air freight or By Sea.
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About payment:
Payment methods: L/C, T/ T, Paypal,Western Union

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We can provide samples production and service. Usually 2 to 5 days, the sample can be sent to your hands. We will choose the shipping way as you required: By sea, by air or by express. Any question about samples, please contact us.

7.For OEM products:
We will finish the production within 20-40 days after payment has been confirmed.
About delivery and shipping:
We will choose the delivery way as you required: By sea, by air, by express ect. Save your cost is our mission.

Any question or problem will be respond within 12 hours.

9.Lifetime service:
Any problem happened to our product, we will do our best to help client to solve it, spare parts will be half price in lifetime.

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If you can't solve the problem in your local, please delivery the product to us, we will repair it and then back to you.

11.Quality control:
All the products are calibrated with real working condition, and tested before shipping as qualified product.

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Sanitary Reducer

45 Degree Elbow,90 Degree Elbow,Pipe Connector,Bend Elbow

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