Cossacks Welcomes State Five

To meet the national standard in the country five landing the implementation, KLS was founded in 7 anniversary, launched a national five four-nation system solutions, including the "smooth holding" anti-crystallization AdBlue, SCR nozzle detergents, cleaning nozzle Agents, urea tank cleaning agents, etc., for the old and new users to solve the SCR system, a common crystallization, scaling and other issues.

Kelan products Kelan products

Starting from the 2014 National Fourth Standard, diesel vehicles began to use SCR systems in large areas to treat nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases. General auto repair personnel have little knowledge of SCR systems and it is difficult to find a professional place to systematically maintain and maintain the SCR system on the market. Therefore, when the SCR system encounters problems such as crystallization and scaling, the owners can only solve the problem by themselves, such as cleaning with hot water, and there is basically no good effect. Finally, the SCR system is completely blocked by crystal scaling and the owners can only replace the SCR system, which is very costly.

In the period of 7 years, the staff of Kossell went deep into the market to understand the concerns of the users, and proposed corresponding solutions for them. One-stop solution to the crystallization and scaling problems of the SCR system reduced user cost and win customers Kosher's recognition. Among them, the most representative of the Group's customers sell Li Weidong.

Li Weidong Li Weidong

From the very beginning of the establishment of Kosher, Li Weidong entered the work of Kosher and has been adhering to the present. As an old employee who has entered the company for the longest time, Li Weidong has always been aiming at “providing efficient and high-quality services for customers”. He is responsible and conscientious in his work, and he is good at concluding, learning, improving and using his own actions in his work. Representing Koenigsin to serve every customer with a heartfelt performance in their daily work, and has received unanimous praise from customers.

On one occasion, Li Weidong’s customer was too late to deliver to his dealer because of an emergency. After hearing of Li Weidong, he took the initiative to help the customer coordinate and send the goods directly to the dealers, helping the customer solve a major problem. The customer has maintained a long-term cooperation and good relationship with the company since then.

It is through the efforts of Li Weidong and other staff that Kosan has been using the industry's leading level of service for seven years, making every user a most loyal supporter of Koran. In the context of the upcoming full implementation of State V, Kosher will continue to adhere to good service and help the user to maintain and maintain the SCR system with a complete solution to meet the implementation of the National Five Standard.

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Roller Compactor Granulator

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