Two Hekou hydropower station purchased Sany hydraulic road roller!

In the 2017 roller compactor market, the Sany “fast-pressing” series of full-hydraulic single-cylinder roller compactors was called the hottest explosion roller, and it continued to sell for the first time in eight months, far more than the total of 23 units.

For the excellent performance of this series of equipment, the Sichuan Lianghekou project has been foreseen. In 2016, the project started with the purchase of 11 Sany hydraulic road rollers. It is worth mentioning that no mechanical roller was used in the entire project, which gave a very clear signal to the roller industry - full hydraulic pressure will become an industry trend.

In 2017, when the full hydraulic roller was so hot, two more machines were purchased, adding another piece of fire to the crown of the Sany Roller. Why is the Sany fully hydraulic roller so popular in the two estuaries?

Difficulties in construction conditions - extremely high demands on equipment

According to local officials, Sichuan's terrain is known for its high altitude, high risk, and weak land, and construction machinery has certain difficulties. Therefore, it has extremely high requirements for equipment. In the two estuaries, the main construction sites for the Sanyue hydraulic roller are clay construction, dam rockfill construction and core wall construction.

Clay construction

It is reported that the total height of the construction of the Lianghekou Dam is 296 meters, the average thickness of the rockfill is 80cm, and the thickness of each layer of the core wall is 30cm. The equipment needs to be rolled back and forth several times.

Dam rockfill construction

This requires the equipment to have a very strong rolling pressure and traction in order to ensure that the effect of gravel rolling is up to standard. This is an important reason why Sany fully hydraulic rollers are sold hot under local conditions.

High construction accuracy - requires precise and accurate equipment operation

The Lianghekou hydropower project is considered to be the most complex and highest-altitude earth-rock dam hydropower project in the world. As a highly valued national-level project, it requires a very high level of construction. This also requires high precision in the equipment.

The local responsible person stated that the mechanical roller was troublesome due to the operation process, and the compacted road was far from fully hydraulic equipment. Therefore, he did not participate in the construction of the two estuaries.

In contrast, the Trinity's "fast-pressing" series of all-hydraulic rollers offers the advantages of precision operation. The engine uses Weichai 147KW engine, with strong traction and excellent quality.

The control of the entire fuel system of the engine is controlled by a computer, which is totally different from the traditional oil pump system. The precise control of the ECU system enables the control of our products to be more gentle and more compact.

Fast construction efficiency - tight engineering and large construction area

The Lianghekou Power Station is located on the plateau, with very cold temperatures in the winter and spring seasons, large temperature difference between morning and evening, and strong ultraviolet rays during rainy days in summer. The best construction period is from September to November. Due to the large construction area and the tight construction schedule, the roller must operate 24 hours a day.

“It was precisely because of the outstanding performance of the full hydraulic equipment of Sany that we purchased two more units during this period.”

Two estuaries increase two sets of hydraulic pressure

It is reported that the Trinity hydraulic roller has an infinitely variable speed, and the efficiency in the direction of reversing and rolling is very high. The most important thing for a roller is that it needs to roll back and forth repeatedly, that is, if it is thirty or fifty meters, it needs to go forward and back. The traditional mechanical roller generally needs to wait three to five seconds during this forward and backward process.

The 31 hydraulic road roller does not need to wait during the commutation process, 0 waits for the commutation. A roller needs 8 hours a day and needs to switch back and forth frequently. During the construction of the two estuaries, operators estimated that the full hydraulic equipment would be 15% more efficient than mechanical ones. (This article is from Trinity)

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