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At present, there are many news reports in China on the cloud platform for smart fire safety services , and it is also the time for the domestic fire protection industry to fully rectify the Internet of Things. Then let's take a look at how the real application effect of this platform is in real life. It.
Obviously, the effect of using a new device needs to be tested in practice. It is not only the truth that needs it. In order to test the practical application effect of the smart fire safety service cloud platform , some fire control agencies have recently deployed one or two firefighters to the on-site duty station to monitor and guide the use of this platform.
It may be that everyone is familiar with the operation of the mobile phone or the computer. Therefore, the application of this platform can also be implemented on both the computer and the mobile phone. That is, smart fire also has its own mobile phone application, so that it can be monitored and understood at any time and anywhere. The work of firefighters in the community just showed us the power of this system.
At first, we can see that there is a computer-side platform that contains various monitoring systems, with supervision of fire-fighting equipment, supervision of floor ventilation equipment, and even supervision of the fire-fighting water source in the community. On the screen of the computer, we can see the details of the operation of the equipment, these are to ensure that the fire equipment can be used at any time, do not waste preparation time in this area to save more rescue time.
Then, for the LN6 smart fire safety service cloud platform developed and produced by Beijing Lebird Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan LeBird Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.), the specific technology of the electrical fire monitoring system is the intelligent electrical power system with the remote service platform for electrical fire monitoring. The system can monitor the parameters of the electrical circuit and the distribution box in real time through the PC and the mobile phone APP. The client can promptly report and warn the dangerous data. It conducts real-time online monitoring and statistical analysis of the main factors causing electrical fire (cable temperature, current, and residual current), enabling the real-time discovery of safety hazards in electrical lines and electrical equipment, and through the system analysis of the electrical equipment loop Parameters, determine the cause of the failure, guide the company to carry out governance, to eliminate potential electrical fire safety hazards.
Now that we have an APP, it is more convenient. We can say where we can see where we are, and we can understand the security of the corresponding community. It is really that technological advances have brought good security protection.
Intelligent warning and alarm system, the police mentioned here refers to the fire alarm, that is, it can help the security personnel in the community to discover the fire in time, and then automatically alarm the first time, and can promptly notify the person in charge of the district, saving a lot of fire development. Time does not say, but also reduce unnecessary losses. These are not enough. They also mentioned that they will strive to achieve automatic fire extinguishing in the later stages.

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