Network Camera Solution Tips

HD network camera solutions basically have three architectures:
The first category is the use of high-end camera modules (cores, such as ACUTE's PE1005, SONY's H11) as image capture devices.
Supporting an ASIC or DSP for encoding compression and transmission, this type of program is relatively high-end, due to the use of professional imaging modules, the original image effect is good, so the effect of the entire IPC product depends on the effect of the supporting compressed transmission module, the main indicators It is the clarity and real-time performance of the compressed image. Generally, the medium and high-end solutions adopt this architecture.
The second category is the use of high-end camera modules as part of the image acquisition, followed by an ASIC or DSP for encoding compression and transmission.
This category and the first analogy are more operative parts, such as the lens can be free to match, you can also customize some special features to add value to the product. The imaging effect of this type of solution is very good, and there are no excessive requirements for back-end compression and transmission. It is very suitable for manufacturers who have mastered the network compression and transmission technology but have requirements for image effects.
The third category is the use of CMOS sensor (SENSOR) as an image acquisition device, supporting the ISP's SOC chip, such programs have obvious cost advantages
The imaging effect of this kind of scheme mainly depends on the chip manufacturer's integrated ISP (such as 3A
, wide dynamic, etc.) effects; there is a clear advantage is that such programs are more flexible, can be customized according to the characteristics of the program, such as capture, low frame rate oversized video.
For high-definition network cameras, network protocols and SDKs are a very important aspect. Each company has its own network protocol and SDK, and it is basically exclusive. In other words, each network camera is incompatible with each other and cannot be replaced with each other. If the outsourcing module is adopted, this is a problem, including system integration and customer maintenance. HD network cameras integrate the most advanced cutting-edge technologies and applications in the security industry: network, high-definition, and intelligence, and are also necessary conditions for integration.
1. Application scheme based on module + SOC (DSP)
The current advantage of this kind of scheme is that the image is good, and it usually comes with a lens. The network compression module now supports 1080P, which currently includes TI's DM6467 and DM368, Maxim's MG3500, Falcon Microelectronics' FH8735, Fujitsu's MB86H56, NXP's PNX1005, and Hass' Hi3516/20. Among them, DM6467 and PNX1005 can be used for intelligent analysis based on DSP architecture, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, TI is the oldest in this industry, and TI is also a relatively large number. The advantage of this kind of scheme is that the image is better and the development is relatively difficult. The disadvantage is that the lens is solidified and the lens can not be used according to its own requirements. That is, the freedom of development and project matching is small, and it is the first choice for high-end customers.
2. Application solution based on Board Camera + SOC (DSP)
Such programs are currently seen on the market more TI and Hass Hi3516 and so on, this program is suitable for mastering the network compression and transmission technology and the use of relatively high customer demand for images, the front sensor and isp has been integrated, color All indicators such as reduction and low illumination are handled very well. For example, our company's PE0003 module is very good with DM368, HI3616 and other solutions. Verified by the customer, the image is very good. This kind of scheme has excellent image effect and great development freedom. It can be customized and matched according to customer requirements and characteristics.
3. Application scheme based on SENSOR+SOC(DSP)
Such programs are currently seen on the market with more TI and Anba, and also the largest shipments in the current high-definition machine, the market price is very confusing, low and extremely ridiculous, high and high. The advantages of this kind of scheme are low cost, easy to develop, and basically it can be used in spelling; the disadvantage is that the image quality is not good with modules or modules (depending on the ISP provided by the chip).

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Condensing side airflow m3h 3500 3500 5000 5000 10000 10000 22000 22000
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