Xichai escorts J6 heavy truck power

3.15 is not only a concept of time, but also a service concept. It is a practical action. On March 15, Xichai took the lead in launching a series of training activities for the J6 heavy truck CA6DM engine with the theme of “World Heavy Trucks, Power Generation, Creation of Xichai, and True Guardianship” for three months across the country, and comprehensively promoted the liberation of J6 heavy trucks. Engine service station management level and service personnel technical quality.

2010 is the year that FAW Jiefang J6 heavy trucks are promoted, and it is also a key year for the liberation of J6 heavy truck services. Xichai, as the manufacturer of the core power CA6DM series engine that liberates J6, provides a high standard of service experience for users who liberate J6. The CA6DM engine training activities launched by the “World Heavy Trucks, Power Generation, Xichai, and Real Guards” are based on the “J6 Standard System”, a high-end service standard that enables CA6DM engine users to enjoy domestic gold medal insurance standards and the most domestic Prompt service commitment. To this end, in 2009, based on the training of 500 FAW service stations nationwide for CA6DM engine, Xichai redesigned the CA6DM engine training teaching content again this year, compiled CA6DM engine training materials, and produced the main components of the CA6DM engine. Visual Kanban. Through the visual kanban, the trainees are truly enabled to master the CA6DM engine assembly essentials and maintenance skills. At the same time, a new training model has been introduced, and two training methods, “Please come in and go out”, have been carried out at the same time. Through theoretical and technical problems, failure case analysis, disassembly and assembly drills, and interactive exchanges, the trainees can fully master the CA6DM engine maintenance skills.

This time, Xichai chose to train J6 heavy truck CA6DM engines at 17 FAW service stations across the country. The purpose of this training was to innovate and change the training methods to enhance the service brand of Xichai, and to escort and liberate J6. It became a booster to liberate the J6 heavy truck to win the market.

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