Tianjin Ethylene Glycol Installation Domestic New Catalyst Passes Performance Test

Recently, after the joint confirmation of Tianjin Petrochemical and Beijing Yanshan Branch Research Institute, the domestically produced new YS-8520 silver catalyst passed its one-year performance evaluation.

The catalyst is the first industrial trial in China. To accurately inspect the performance indicators of the catalyst and give full play to its best performance advantages, this performance assessment was conducted. Prior to the performance assessment, Tianjin Petrochemical had made active preparations. Technicians focused on avoiding process fluctuations, stable operation, and other issues. They provided operational guidance to the operators of the oxidation units in each shift and also organized the factors that caused the performance degradation of the catalysts. The detailed analysis of the addition of inhibitors and the operation of the decarburization system and the search for causes have created conditions for stable operation of the device during performance evaluation. In the 72-hour quality inspection of the device, the ethylene glycol device was operated at full load, and the operation regulation index was normal. During this period, the catalyst selectivity was 83.1%, the reactor drum temperature was 219.3°C, the overall performance index was better than expected, and the performance assessment passed.

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