Anatomy of the five major focus of NVC's 2014 annual report

On May 15th, NVC Lighting's 2014 annual performance report was repeatedly announced. According to the announcement, NVC Lighting's revenue in 2014 was 3.471 billion yuan, down 8.0 year-on-year; gross profit was 742 million yuan, down 7.0% year-on-year; 315 million yuan, down 188.8 year-on-year; the loss attributable to owners of the parent company was 354 million yuan, down 244.6 year-on-year. For the reason for the decline in revenue, NVC Lighting said that due to the suspension of operations of some of the subsidiaries that produce and supply lighting products, the impact on the sales of lamps and lanterns is greater. At the same time, the impact of LED lighting products, energy-saving lamps and energy-saving lamps account for a large proportion. Due to the lack of orders due to insufficient production capacity and the decline in sales prices, sales orders from major customers also declined; sales of traditional lighting products declined, and sales of lighting electrical products also declined. In addition, NVC Lighting revealed that it will continue to suspend trading for further announcement. Let's follow the small series to analyze the five major focuses of NVC's 2014 annual report. 1. LED has become the main performance growth point In 2014, the transformation of Chinese traditional lighting enterprises into LED lighting has accelerated. LED lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, and it has entered the lighting engineering and consumer goods market in large quantities, which has put pressure on traditional lighting products and formed a trend of change. In particular, as countries around the world gradually phase out incandescent lamps, the global consensus on the development of a low-carbon economy has led to a rapid increase in the penetration rate of LED lighting products, and China has gradually become the world's largest market for LED lighting applications. With the acceleration of the replacement of traditional lighting products by LED lighting products, LED lighting products have become the main performance growth point of NVC. Its LED lighting products achieved sales of 1.228 billion yuan in 2014, an increase of 65.8 over the same period. Among them, domestic sales of LED lighting products recorded sales of 963 million yuan, an increase of 42.3 over the same period. However, due to the suspension of production and sales of certain subsidiaries, all product lines recorded lower sales in the second half of the year. Under the combined effect of the above factors, NVC achieved sales revenue of 3.471 billion yuan in 2014, a decrease of 8.0 compared with the same period. It is also reported that the market price and order volume of NVC lighting fluorescent lighting products have been greatly affected by the impact of LED lighting products. The annual report shows that the total sales of non-NVC brand products in China in 2014 was 320 million yuan, compared with the same period. It fell by 17.8. 2. The shutdown event caused the sales to decline. In August 2014, it was affected by the incident of the removal of NVC's former CEO Wu Changjiang, which adversely affected the normal operation of NVC Lighting and the operating results of the reporting year. In order to ensure the effective operation of NVC and protect the interests of the company's shareholders, employees, distributors and suppliers, Chongqing NVC and NVC China have suspended operations for more than 2 months, resulting in a decline in the total sales of NVC brand products in China over the same period. 8.2. In addition, due to a series of pledges and guarantee agreements affected by the incident, the relevant Chinese banks extracted NRW China's funds amounting to 551 million yuan and freezing 54 million yuan, which also led to a loss to NVC Lighting. 3. LED overseas market sales tripled in the international NVC brand market. In 2014, NVC increased its investment and development in key markets such as South America, Middle East, Australia, India and Southeast Asia, and newly developed 5 brand stores. , including Saudi Dammam, Indonesia, Kenya and Chile. At the same time, NVC has sponsored the International Swimming Federation World Diving Series to conduct in-depth brand promotion in Dubai, Russia, Oman and Mongolia. In particular, the promotion of LED lighting products has accelerated the transformation of traditional products from LED lighting products in various regions. According to the announcement, the total international sales of NVC brand products in 2014 increased by 20.6 compared with the same period, reaching 440 million yuan, of which LED lighting products sales increased by 300.2 compared with the same period, reaching 251 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of international sales revenue of NVC brand products from the same period. The increase of 17.2 to 57.0.

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