Qiqihar Integrated Small Boiler

This year, Qiqihar City will fully implement the Implementation Plan of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, focusing on the control of coal-burning pollution, motor vehicle exhaust pollution, and the control of catering fumes, volatile organic compounds, and smoke and dust pollution, and will be carried out through various measures and powerful measures. Air pollution prevention and water environmental protection will create a blue sky, clean water and clean air for the people.

In the control of coal-fired pollution, Qiqihar City will focus on promoting large-scale centralized heating enterprises to receive decentralized small boilers, promote the grid-connected work of urban heating boilers, and accelerate the improvement of heat grid and heat source infrastructure construction and the transformation of old heating pipe networks. Integrate and withdraw 100 small boilers, basically eliminate 10 coal-fired tons and below of coal-fired boilers in the built-up area, prohibit the construction of coal-fired boilers below 20 tons of steam, and further increase the clean energy transformation of the bathing boilers, and strive to complete the downtown area by July 1. 222 bath boiler renovation tasks.

Further strengthen the management of registration of new vehicles, registration of qualified vehicles for environmental protection inspections, and transfer of vehicles from other locations to vehicles, so as to prevent the emission of non-compliant vehicles from entering the city. Establish a vehicle environmental protection inspection information management system to achieve provincial, municipal, and county (district) three-tier networking. Commissioning is completed before the end of the year and stable operation. To strengthen the management of yellow-labeled vehicles, from June 1 onwards, gasoline vehicles with emission levels below the national I emission standard and diesel vehicles with emissions below the national III emission standard are fully restricted to roads in central urban areas.

In the control of catering fumes, volatile organic compounds, and smoke and dust pollution, the company will comprehensively carry out oil and gas recovery and treatment work, and basically complete the gas and oil recovery and remediation tasks for gas stations, oil storage tanks, and oil tankers, among which the completion rate of key industrial VOC treatment projects will reach 50. %. We will continue to do a good job in prohibiting the burning of straw in the wild, promote the comprehensive utilization of straw, and strictly control the management of high-polluting fuel bans. At the same time, improve the environmental protection and meteorological departments linkage mechanism, strengthen the heavy pollution weather emergency measures to improve the heavy pollution weather emergency response capabilities.

Vigorously carry out water environmental supervision to ensure the safety of people's production and domestic water use. Identify the responsibilities for emission reduction targets, and order enterprises that have not completed emission reduction projects on time to order production limits and deadlines, and strengthen the operation and management of 262 key emission reduction projects that have been completed during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” to ensure urban sewage treatment plants, Desulfurization and denitrification facilities operate stably to achieve continuous emission reductions. Ensure that all 102 pollution control projects scheduled this year have passed national verification, promote the construction of 59 rural rural environmental projects, and ensure that they are completed before the end of the year.

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