Analytica China 2016 chromatographic separation technology

Introduction: As an important platform for companies to compete for the latest R&D products and achievements over the years, analytica China has attracted more and more attention from users.

Analytica China 2016 chromatographic separation technology

According to statistics, in the current global analytical instrument market, the sales of liquid chromatography analytical instruments account for 20% of the total sales of analytical instruments. As one of the major markets for global analytical instruments, China has more than 10,000 liquid chromatographs per year. The needs of the instrument. In 2015, China successively issued the "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" and "Pilot Measures for Volatile Organic Pollutants and Charges". At the same time, various ministries and commissions have started operations, such as the National Development and Reform Commission, sponsored by the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Water Resources. "Review of the feasibility study report of the National Groundwater Monitoring Project" project. The enactment of these policies has promoted the rapid growth of liquid chromatography in the field of environmental monitoring.

Looking at the new HPLC products released by analytica China 2016, its technical improvements are mainly focused on product automation and modularization. For example, changing its startup mode, sample management methods, and the degree of integration of flow paths in the system and adopting block-type unit modules have improved the ease of operation, convenience, and maintainability of the product. At the same time, we also saw advances in the research and development of domestic liquid chromatograph manufacturers, such as digital linear motor infusion unit technology owned by some foreign advanced manufacturers.

Agilent Technologies, Inc. introduced the new 1260 Infinity II LC system. The 1260 Infinity II, the new core platform for the InfinityLab LC Series, represents an important technology update to increase customer efficiency in three areas: delivery of trusted analytical data, superior availability, and easy integration into existing In a laboratory environment. The 1260 Infinity II LC system operates at pressures up to 600 bar and has multiple cleaning functions to clean all relevant injection parts in multiple runs. With the needle seat kickback procedure, residuals can be successfully reduced to less than 10 ppm.

The 1260 Infinity II LC system can hold up to 16 microtiter plates and 6144 samples and is the single system with the highest capacity. The 1260 Infinity II high-capacity column thermostat directly connects each column with a quick-change valve that can hold up to four columns and is extremely flexible, eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect the column.

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