The “Graphite Key Enterprise Bank” campaign will be launched during the year.

The Sichuan Provincial Graphene Industry Strategy Address issued by the Provincial Government Development Research Center and the Provincial Industrial Economic Development Research Center has attracted the attention of relevant provincial departments. Chen Xinyou, director of the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, said that during the year, the “Graphite Key Enterprise Bank” campaign will be launched, focusing on large enterprises, and through training and other means, potential users can understand the application possibilities of graphene in related fields. It is really pushing the upstream and downstream collaboration of graphene to break through the application bottleneck.
In the speech, "In fact, we do not understand graphene" "currently, we are in the 'second echelon'" judgment, the relevant provincial departments responded from different angles. Liu Dong, director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, believes that the company has jumped out of technology based on science and technology, focused on the development trend of the national graphene industry, and made new suggestions for the improvement of relevant policies. Wang Yihong, director of the Provincial Department of Finance, believes that the letter reveals the significance of the graphene industry to promote local economic transformation and upgrading, and provides support for the financial sector to respond to the situation. Dai Shaoquan, deputy director of the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, pays attention to the inventory of Sichuan's “home”. He said that the work of investing in the investment must be based on the perspective of investors. “Why should I invest in Sichuan?” The article elaborates on the comparative advantages of our province. The investment promotion work of the olefin industry provides an important reference.

How should government departments support the development of graphene industry?
In response to the message, the current market breakthrough lacks the application of “explosive models”. Chen Xinyou said that the next step will be to support the cultivation of “black horse” enterprises in the application field. It may not be as “big and complete” as the leading companies, but at least in a certain Sub-fields have innovative and competitive advantages; Wang Yihong said that the financial department will make full use of relevant industry investment guidance funds to attract social capital to participate in supporting the development of graphene industry and achieve multi-win.

In response to the proposal to carry out the “graphene+” action, Liu Dong proposed to focus on the development of the province's basics and advantages, and to focus on graphene polymer composite materials and tire products, conductive and new energy products, graphene lubrication and anti-corrosion products. The transformation of scientific and technological achievements will further expand the application of graphene materials in various fields such as new energy, advanced manufacturing, aerospace and marine equipment. He also revealed that the graphene product testing platform will be built to provide professional services for the province's graphene products to the market.
The case of Sichuan’s top laboratory “going away” triggered Dai Shaoquan’s attention. He said that the development of the graphene industry, investment promotion should go ahead. Only by introducing enterprises, accelerating industrial cultivation, and generating aggregate effects can we retain the research team. He revealed that he is currently actively connecting with several key graphene enterprises across the country, and urges them to settle in Sichuan.

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