Chengdu builds a shield machine and is expected to be successfully applied to the Metro Line 18

On January 10, the Twin Shield Full Face Rock Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) independently developed by China was put on the line at the Chengdu Base of China National Iron & Steel Equipment Group. This is also the China Railway Equipment Group's No. 241 boring machine. According to the editors of China Construction Machinery Business Network, the equipment integration technology, the design of cutting tools for hard rock environment and efficient rock cutting, and the emergency treatment design under adverse geological conditions have reached the world's advanced level and are 20% cheaper than imported equipment. 30% indicates that China's shield machine of this type has achieved "intelligence" in China, and "Chengdu-made" shield machine has also gradually moved toward the country.

Double Shield TBM has two tunneling modes: single shield and double shield. It is suitable for hard rock and soft rock formations, and can realize the construction of complex long-buried tunnels with long depth in complex geomorphology, which is difficult to achieve with conventional drilling and blasting methods. This equipment can flexibly select different tunneling modes according to geological conditions and construction schedules to realize uninterrupted continuous excavation and will be used for the Lanzhou City Water Source Construction Project. The construction section is 24.4 km long and the maximum depth is 918 meters. It was shipped to the project site on the 15th.

“The design and development of the shield machine is at the headquarters. We are considering setting up a factory in Chengdu for manufacturing.” According to the relevant person in charge of the China Railway Group, the Chengdu Metro Line 18 is expected to use the shield machine independently developed by the China Railway Equipment Group. Matters are in negotiation. Previously, Chengdu Metro Co., Ltd. had disclosed that due to the high standards such as the speed of the 18th line, vehicles, shield machines, etc. need to be “tailor-made”.

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