Long-distance drive home to the most Raiders, read and then start too late!

Millions of wildebeest and antelope started in June, escaped lions, hyenas and Hippo, crocodile culls, walked 3,000 kilometers, traveled through two countries in East Africa, only to find a rich grassland; On a monthly departure, 10,000 kilometers of continuous flights, from Australia to the Arctic, can only be rested temporarily in Bohai Bay. However, the world's most influential species migrated in the area where the Asian continent and the Western Pacific meet. In the early spring of the past year, about 70 million people took their bags and set foot on their way home. They use everything to make use of transportation methods, from south to north, from east to west, from one province to another, from one city to another, to a county town, to a mountain village, to a secret hometown.

The cycle begins and the spring begins. This ancient land once again welcomes great migration. A large number of people and cars collectively can even change the center of gravity of the earth and influence the rotation of the earth. If you don't have a car for your own home, then what else is it to do? Just go and grab a ticket with the bull! Your nostalgic nostalgia is a hard-to-buy ticket. If you have a car and you plan to return home by yourself, of course you can be lucky enough to avoid many physical labors; but once this world-renowned mass migration begins, all cars will be crowded on the road at the same time. If you don’t have a little preparedness, you will inevitably encounter it. Unpredictable dangers - The Ministry of Transport said that during the Spring Festival this year, there will be around 2.8 billion trips during the 40-day cycle. Returning home by car, how can we reasonably avoid danger and go home peacefully?

1. With money, with cards, with mobile phones, but also with what equipment?

Drive on the road, the future is uncertain, what equipment should be configured? First of all, think about it. We must ensure legal and safe access. The "three certificates" of driving licenses, driving permits and insurance certificates (documents) are indispensable. If anything is missing, it is not a matter of chaos. The situation is one of great trouble - just set up a car to check you down. Without a driver's license, how can you explain your unlicensed flight to the police uncle? At the end of the year, how could you prove that you are driving your own private car while you are robbing you? What happened when an accident occurred and no insurance document was issued? Why did the insurance company immediately appear and quickly claim compensation? Bring along all the documents, my heart is also more secure.

Then think about it, half-way fault anchoring, accidental sudden tire burst, accidentally accident, although the "winning" probability is not high, in case of encountering these special circumstances how to do? Emergency equipment is naturally no less, spare tires, jacks, small wrenches, of course, are the classic standard. However, this "third old" is not enough to cope with all special conditions. We suggest that it is best to attach a safety hammer, a flashlight, a fire extinguisher, a safety warning sign and a first aid kit. These equipments can help drivers and drivers get out of trouble in time: the safety hammer can break the window quickly when the door cannot be opened. The warning sign can prompt the rear to come to the car. The fire extinguishers can cope with the sudden fire, if it is in trouble at night. , need to repair or survey roads, flashlights can also come in handy. In the worst case, the accident caused injuries, and this small box was prepared. In an emergency, first aid can be given first. Many European countries require that every car be equipped with a professional first aid kit. Some businesses packaged these first-aid kits for sale, which also facilitated the owner’s purchase. The fluorescent vests also helped deal with accidents at night, which is worth considering.

And, most importantly, an instruction manual about your car, which can guide you to crack down on the various parts of your car, repair some inexplicable minor faults, and provide service calls from vendors at special distribution points across the country. In no way can you arbitrarily discard it. Some models are more advanced, and the oil consumption may be more thankful than ordinary models. The owner can also consider preparing a good oil at any time.

Food and water are also an emergency necessity. If the high-speed plugging is not blocked and how long it is blocked, everyone will have no end in mind and bring dry food to eat. Otherwise, one person will sing empty cities. It's better to bring some distilled water. People are thirsty to drink, hands are dirty to wash, the car's water tank is open, and the wiper is missing. You can also add it temporarily. If it is mineral water or tap water, it should not be added as cooling water, minerals can easily make the cooling channels in the tank and cylinder rust.

Don't forget to bring your phone. Gadgets can only deal with minor accidents, get into trouble, and have to dial the phone to ask the expensive person to help. In addition to storing some phone calls that are sincerely willing to help your family and friends, it's best to remember some important numbers: 114 is know-it-all, 119 is fire, 120 is ambulance, 122 is high-speed management, or your 4S shop first aid Phone, and so on.

Wallet can not forget. Although money is not a panacea, no money is absolutely impossible, so the wallet must be remembered. Of course, the most important thing is money, not packages. Car washing, tire repair, trailers, maintenance, and various services at the end of the year will invariably increase prices, so it may be better to bring in more cash, just in case.

What you want to bring is almost ready. Don't you take inventory of it? Some people say that you should bring hot tea, coffee, or Red Bull for the driver's refreshment when he is in trouble? No, not necessarily. Even with it, it should not be prepared for the driver. We will talk about why this is the case later. There are also many friends who have a rare half-moon holiday and go back to their hometowns. As a result, they return home and become relocating, with boxes, parcels, rucksacks, miscellaneous items, and all the brains are piled up in the boot, which is tightly sealed and tightly sealed. This is not appropriate, if a flat tire needs to be replaced, how does the spare tire come out? Instead, it increases trouble. So in fact there is no need to bring too much baggage on the road. Then, during the Chinese New Year, the atmosphere will be filled with firecrackers, fireworks and firecrackers will be brought back to their hometown in the trunk. No, no, no. The car has a box of explosives to run for a long distance. If you think about scalp tingling, it's better not to take it. Nowadays, the business is prosperous and well-developed. If it is not in the most isolated mountain villages, firecrackers and fireworks will not be delayed until they are bought in the county town.

To sum up, what should we bring home after the Spring Festival drive? First, with a driver's license, driving permit, insurance document; Second, do not forget the spare tire, wrenches, jacks, it is best to add fire extinguishers, warning signs, flashlights, safety hammers, food and water are also essential for emergency; Third, mobile phone recharge, but also charge, save a few more can help the number; fourth, wallet recharge, with cash.

But keep in mind that long-distance driving: Red Bull can not bring, although baggage with less, firecrackers resolutely not.

2. Check people, check cars, check traffic conditions, but also check what?

The masters who traveled all over the country are always preaching and teaching. They never forget: Before driving for more than a decade, they will roughly check the condition around the car and the tires and see if the emergency tools such as wrenches, jacks and spare tires are complete. After a while, the hood will be lifted to check the wiper, coolant, and brake fluid. Today's technology is much more mature than it was a decade or so ago; the current car is also much more reliable than it was more than a decade ago. However, like a master teacher, checking the condition of the car before driving on the road is a good habit to ensure the safety of driving. There are tens of thousands of parts in a car. Before going on the road, what parts should be checked? We also come to check it out.

As mentioned earlier, with the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, automobiles have also been handed over to professional 4S stores and technicians for maintenance. Now the burden on vehicle owners has also been reduced. If it is a daily car, just take a look at the car body for scratches, see if the tire pressure is normal, whether there is damage, pay attention to the corresponding warning light on the dashboard, feel the abnormal state of driving, basically can eliminate Most malfunctions and accidents.

Every day you must look at the condition of the tires. In fact, different models generally have different tire pressure regulations; broadly speaking, basically 2.0~2.5Bar will not be too problematic. Many car owners do not have a dedicated barometer and cannot accurately know the tire pressure. The simplest method is to use it: visual inspection. Anyway, if the car tires are obviously paralyzed, even if there is no condition to inflate or replace immediately, at least do not maintain high speed. In particular, attention should be paid to spare tires instead. Many roads encountered puncture anchors. After the spare tires were on the roof, they were used to directly putting the damaged tires that were replaced into the trunk. After a few days, it was easy to forget to repair them; unfortunately they encountered a puncture, and the most terrible thing was. The situation - the spare tire means last hope, this time even the spare tire is bad. Therefore, before proceeding, it is important to check whether the spare tire is in good condition and whether the pressure is normal.

If you decide to travel long distances, besides always paying attention to the body, tires, warning lights, it is best to personally open the engine cover, pay attention to observe the wiper water, coolant, oil, brake oil, steering oil and other hydraulic fluid is sufficient , whether there is deterioration, whether it reached the replacement cycle. This kind of inspection usually requires a little more detail, and the owner can make a minor maintenance before going to the maintenance point. Generally speaking, in the engine compartment, all liquid levels are kept between the upper limit (MAX) and the lower limit (MIN), while most liquids also have to remain bright red, purple or cyan, oil is light yellow, then your The car is basically healthy. If the color of various liquids becomes cloudy, the oil changes from yellow to charred, usually meaning that it has deteriorated or reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced.

There are many friends who anticipate a long-distance driving tour during the Spring Festival. It is estimated that they plan to go back to 4S shop maintenance. However, near the end of the year, the 4S stores were overcrowded and the technicians were too busy. A colleague told us that the end of the 4S shop maintenance "has usually engaged in fifteen minutes now half an hour," and even "washed out of the car came out" of the situation. So owners can simply judge the condition of the vehicle. The current car is not so fragile and will not be too prone to problems. If it is concluded that the vehicle really needs maintenance, it is best to make an appointment before the 4S shop, or ask if some maintenance is too busy; Brand 4S shop, you can also choose a more formal repair shop on behalf of the finishing.

In addition to checking the car, it is also necessary to check the driver - that is, yourself. Before the road, carefully checked the car, the most important thing is the driver's own self-test. Quiet, ask yourself not tired? Ask yourself if you have any bad feelings? Do you have any assurance that you are open so fast? On the one hand, a clear understanding of one's own ability and ability to do things in a way that does not exceed regulation, the Spring Festival tickets have been flying in one fell swoop; on the other hand, a clear understanding of their current status, to determine whether they have a firm grasp, but also to ensure Driving safety.

Drunk driving and fatigue driving are all very prone to accidents. It is precisely because before the drive, the driver did not properly confirm whether he can control the car 100%, and eventually made an irreparable mistake. As mentioned above, if you need hot tea, coffee, or Red Bull refreshing, then your status is temporarily not suitable for driving a motor vehicle! Instead of playing with the spirit and driving the car, risking the hard-hitting tyrants, it's better to have a good rest and parking, and to raise the horse and then hit the road again. Check the car, but also to check people, people are not safe, how safe a car is opened is also dangerous, which is why it is not recommended to bring "functional drinks."

In addition, some friends will get together to carpool, so that travel time is free and the cost is not higher than long-distance bus. But after all, carpooling is risky. Everyone is meeting for the first time. It is a good person or a bad person. You must weigh in your heart.

Check the car and people, but also to explore a non-negligible traffic element - the road. Urban roads, highways, county town roads, and country roads, most of which will be encountered during the Spring Festival driving return home. Big cities are crowded with traffic, roads are complex, and municipal planning is often unreasonable. Closing cars is the norm. Attention should be paid to traffic signs. It is best to turn on navigation aids, select straight-ahead or turn-around lanes as soon as possible, and wander the wrong way back. Don't force jams. This is the easiest way to go out of danger; the Shangshang Expressway must follow the minimum and maximum speed limits, try to maintain the middle road, and maintain appropriate emergency distances with the front and rear vehicles, especially the "road wild beasts" such as large trucks and buses; the roads connecting the county towns, The traffic will be more crowded than usual. There are often three or five passengers at the intersection waiting for the short shuttle bus. They sometimes stand in the carriageway and need to pay attention to observation, slow down in advance, far away, and motorcycles and children. The cows and sheep and puppies suddenly emerged from the shelter. They must be nervous and ready for emergencies at any time. There is no special parking lot in the village. The cars returned from the field can only be parked at the edge of the house, and they can't stop and squeeze in the village. On the road, but the roads are generally not wide enough. When parking, try to rely on the outside as much as possible to facilitate everyone's access.

To sum up, safety is a good management of people, cars and roads. Check carefully before departure to make preparations and avoid the possibility of accidents at the source. Also note that try to avoid night driving and bad weather.

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