Domestic industrial robot industry will usher in explosive growth

Robotics is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. Industrial robots automated production line complete sets of equipment have become the mainstream of automation equipment, and the popularity of domestic robots will sooner or later.

The practice of industrial robots in nearly half a century in many countries around the world shows that the popularization of industrial robots is an effective means to realize automated production, increase social production efficiency, and promote the development of enterprises and social productivity. Robotics is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. Industrial robots automated production line complete sets of equipment have become the mainstream of automation equipment, and the popularity of domestic robots will sooner or later.

Although today's robots have not yet developed to a very high degree of intelligence, simple machine workers and machine assistants have gradually deepened into the industrial field, and people are increasingly relying on advanced technology to produce and live. According to sources, the US Congress has stipulated that by 2015, one-third of ground combat will use robotic soldiers.

This triggered a sense of crisis in China and accelerated the pace of developing the robot industry. At the China Robotics Industry Promotion Conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will release the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Industrial Robot Industry" after investigation of the robot industry. The robot will become intelligent and nationalized, and will revolutionize the manufacturing industry. It can thus be seen that the era of robotics in industry is embarking on the grand stage of China's industrial development.

With the strong support of national policies, the robotics industry will surely usher in explosive growth, while the new industry will bring new employment opportunities. At present, the competition for robotic projects has become a contest between the emerging manufacturing industries. In the domestic manufacturing industry, from the demand for the transformation of labor costs and automation production, the industrial robot industry has entered an explosive growth period. Robotic industrial bases such as Dongguan, Tianjin, Kunshan, Qingdao and Shenyang have mushroomed.

In order to adapt to the intensification of market competition, China's manufacturing industry is undergoing important changes in recent years. For example, large-scale production of enterprises is changing to flexible production according to market or customer requirements, and design and control systems have been transformed independently into design and control systems. In a certain place, production has shifted to global procurement and production. The requirements for quality, cost, efficiency, and safety of manufacturing plants are also increasing. It is foreseeable that these changes will push the development and application of automation technology into a new stage of development.

At present, some domestic manufacturers have begun to introduce a large number of automated production equipment and technologies, and passed a message to the industry: the concept of intelligent production is awakening and entering the rising channel. “Although many robots introduced by many companies still belong to the category of industrial robots and cannot be regarded as intelligent robots, the automation technology represented by industrial robots is the basis of intelligence. The introduction of large numbers of automated robots is both intelligent and the development of the industry. It has played a catalytic and exemplary role, and these roles will greatly promote the development of China's robotics industry.

Intelligent manufacturing plants require clear control of production and sales processes, controllability of production processes, reduction of production line manual interventions, timely and correct collection of production line data, more rational production planning and production schedules, including product development, design, and outsourcing. Production and delivery, etc., need to be highly automated and intelligent at each stage of manufacturing, and the highly integrated information at each stage is an inevitable trend. Taking Guangdong Tuosida, the first brand of manufacturing automation, as an example, as a robot system integrator in the field of automation and “machine substitution” through the central feeding system, robots, and widely used in the injection molding industry, to achieve “unmanned chemical plant "And the "no-lighting workshop" proves that the successful implementation of "machine substitution" has promoted the transformation and innovation of management methods such as production management, human resources management, and information management. The organization has become more lean and systematic, and it has finally become effective and powerful. Promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intelligent".

From automation to intelligence, although the intelligent process of China's manufacturing industry still has a long way to go, there is no doubt that with the rapid development and growth of the world economy, intelligent manufacturing plants will bring transformation and impact to all industries. It will also lead the advancement and innovation of the global manufacturing development model, which is an inevitable choice for the transformation of China's manufacturing industry.

Construction advantages of concrete laser leveler

Laser leveling machine leveling principle is the use of precision laser technology, closed-loop control technology and highly sophisticated hydraulic system, under the automatic control of the computer, which is different from other floor construction process of the prominent characteristics.

The leveling principle of precision laser leveling machine is to rely on hydraulic driven leveling head, cooperate with laser system and computer control system to finish leveling work while leveling automatically.
The whole flat head is equipped with an integrated design of scraper, vibrator and the whole plate, all leveling, leveling, vibrating compaction work in one, and one-time completion.
The computer control system automatically adjusts the elevation 10 times per second in real time, and the vibration frequency of the balanced design vibrator reaches 3000 times/min.

Laser Screed Machine

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