Canopy Analysis System Participates in Analyzing Characteristics of Light Radiation of Chestnut Canopy

The result of the fruit branch at the top of the chestnut is very obvious, and it is also the main growth characteristic. This can easily lead to problems such as poor light in the chestnut garden, resulting in low quality and other factors. The key to solving this problem is to adopt reasonable and effective plastic pruning measures for the chestnut orchard to form a canopy structure that is compatible with the variety, age and planting density, so as to ensure good ventilation and light transmission, and thus to increase the output of the chestnut in a large area. For this reason, the canopy analysis system can analyze the canopy of the fruit trees of the chestnut orchard in this range.

The canopy analysis system studied the characteristics of 115 canopy tree canopy structures in 23 chestnut gardens in Qianxi County, China. The gaps, opening degree, leaf area index, fixed point factor and total radiation under the canopy were indexed. The correlation between the determination of the canopy and the transmittance of the canopy PAR and the extinction coefficient K is to investigate the feasibility of the canopy analysis system in the study of the characteristics of the light emission of the chestnut canopy, in order to provide theoretical guidance for the pruning technique of the chestnut. . By comparing the directly measured leaf area index with the leaf area index determined by the ten methods provided by the canopy analysis system, a leaf area index determination method suitable for chestnut was screened out.

By studying the canopy structural parameters of a single tree of chestnut, the canopy analysis system can be used to evaluate the rationality of chestnut canopy structure. However, what kind of method can be used to make the canopy structure more reasonable, and what kind of standard canopy structure can achieve is the most suitable for chestnut, and remains to be studied. The rationality of the canopy structure differs depending on site conditions, tree species, tree age, and cultivation methods.

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