Nitto Successfully Developed New Fasteners

Nitto Successfully Developed New Fasteners Nitto Seiko has recently developed a new type of fastener working machine, which can be set to stop position of the screw guide. The machine can be intelligently concluded without being limited by the fastening height.

It is reported that using the screw guide of the machine, the fastening operation can be performed without squeezing the product. The machine uses a dual-axis servo motor to control the lift of the screw guides and keys, allowing the user to arbitrarily set the stop position of the guide rails.

In addition, because the machine avoids contact between the substrate and the resin material and the guide rail, the load caused by the guide rail pressing the product is effectively reduced. In addition, the machine is equipped with a tightening function driven by a thrust control, and it is possible to perform a suitable tightening operation depending on the conditions of the product.

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