329 Bus Exports South American Daikin Dragon Exceeds 20% Sales Increase Overseas

On September 9, Xiamen Modern Terminal, 329 Dajinlong passenger coaches will send voyages to South America. This is the outstanding performance that Da Jinlong has achieved since it entered the South American market in 2007, and it has also been an outstanding overseas list for actively promoting the export of industrial products in Xiamen.

In the first half of 2013, with the appreciation of the renminbi and the weak demand from overseas markets, Dajinlong went against the market and the overseas vehicle sales amount ranked the first in the domestic industry, which again enhanced the brand influence of Daikinon in overseas markets. According to statistics, from January to August, Jinlong Automobile exported 6,019 vehicles overseas, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year.

329 buses exported to the South American market for a new journey On September 9th, 2013, the “Golden Dragon Bus Glory Voyage - Xiamen Jinlong 329 Bus Export South American Delivery Ceremony” was held in Xiamen Modern Terminal.

The export of 329 passenger vehicles to South America was the result of Dajinlong's high market acceptance of products since it entered the market in 2007. It is also another big overseas list for actively promoting the export of industrial products in Xiamen. The representative of the local government and several competent authorities represented by the deputy secretary general of the Xiamen municipal government Xu Wendong attended the handover ceremony. In South America, the Bolivian government attached great importance to the delivery of 61 buses. Gustavo, Mayor of La Paz, the Bolivian capital, led a delegation to Xiamen to witness the delivery of the vehicles.

The Deputy Secretary-General of Xiamen Municipal Government Xu Wendong congratulated Dajinlong on this big single at the handover ceremony. He said: “As early as 2007, Dajinlong began the cooperation journey with South America, and the large-scale Jinlong Bus has now been implemented smoothly. Peru, Cuba and other countries, 329 buses were successfully delivered to South America, which is another important big order for Dajinlong's overseas market journey, not only embodying the strength of Dajinlong as a leading domestic passenger car company, but also conducive to the continued implementation of Dajinlong's overseas markets. Global marketing strategy: The municipal party committee and the municipal government will continue to pay attention to the development of Daikin Dragon's overseas market and create a good environment for the acceleration of local auto companies."

South America is located in the southern part of the Western Hemisphere. It is a part of Latin America, has a splendid ancient civilization, and is extremely rich in natural resources. The cooperation between China and South America is mostly centered on petroleum and mining. Bolivia is a famous exporter of mineral products in South America and even the world. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations with China in 1985, the relations between the two countries have developed smoothly, political relations have been strengthened, economic and trade relations have gradually developed, and exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, science, technology, and military have continued to deepen. .

Among the 329 buses that were delivered to South America, 61 buses will enter the capital city of La Paz, Bolivia. This is the first single batch of Chinese buses to export to Bolivia, and is another proof that China and Bolivia have strengthened their economic cooperation. The rapid development of the city is inseparable from public transport, and the government-led public transport has advantages in facilitating access, improving urban management, and building energy-saving and environmentally-friendly cities. Therefore, La Paz City attaches great importance to the reform of its urban public transport and strictly screens the purchase of vehicles. Eventually, Da Jinlong won all orders with high market recognition and excellent product design, and became the first large-volume bus to export Bolivian Chinese buses. Brand.

Xiao Jinlong’s overseas marketing director, Xie Weiguo, introduced: Bolivia is a promising market for overseas South American regions. Dajinlong can successfully open and obtain bulk bus orders. In addition to excellent product quality, the company adheres to the global marketing strategy of globalization and takes initiative. A series of measures such as meeting customer needs and helping users solve financing problems are inseparable.

Da Jinlong-"Brief of Chinese intelligence" in the eyes of Bolivian reporters

After arrogant Golden Dragon scored 61 orders for the La Paz bus in Bolivia, Bolivian media reporters quickly focused their attention on the bus company in this eastern country. In early September, Larazon, the earliest newspaper in Bolivia, and Eldiario, the largest newspaper in the country, formed a line-up journalist delegation with RTP and PAT television stations to visit Dajinlong in Xiamen.

The main terrain of Bolivia is the plateau, with high elevations and an average elevation of more than 3,000 meters. In the tendering for the procurement of vehicles by La Paz, the technical requirements set forth in the tenders were very stringent. Many details of the design of the vehicles were clearly defined and the bidding vehicles must comply with the tender documents. Dajinlong technical designers quickly responded after receiving bids, and they immediately came up with plans for bidding, and fully developed and designed the bus models. Under the fierce rivalry of the world's first-line bus brands participating in bidding, Daikin Dragon finally took orders with excellent product design and efficient and reliable after-sales service. Members of the Bolivian press team, with curiosity and enthusiasm, have boarded this batch of buses to experience the passenger experience brought by Chinese buses in advance.

“This time I came to visit Dajinlong in China and left a deep impression on me, especially seeing that the buses that will be delivered to La Paz will have such excellent designs. I am very much looking forward to them being put into use as soon as possible, which will bring different kinds of things to the public. Travel experience, enjoy the "China's wisdom made" passenger car products. "President of the delegation PAT TV columnist Jimenaantelo excitedly after visiting the prototype experience.

Da Jinlong overseas technical engineers also briefed reporters that in order to calmly deal with the high altitude and poor road conditions in La Paz, the Dajinlong technical team carried out targeted technical upgrading of the vehicles, strengthened the strength of the chassis of the vehicles, and adjusted the approach angle of the vehicles. Departure angle greatly improves vehicle performance and operational stability. In addition, this batch of vehicles is specifically designed for disabled persons to automatically get on and off the vehicle system, which fully highlights humanistic care.

Wisdom win 2013 Grand Dragon voyage to the sea

Xiao Jinlong, Overseas Marketing Director, Xie Weiguo: “Dajinlong started overseas marketing in 2000 and after 13 years of constant efforts, its products have been exported to 86 countries and regions around the world. Up to now, Dajinlong has established over 50 overseas licenses. The marketing service network of distributors and service agencies is also the strength brand of Chinese buses with the most extensive overseas markets, the largest number of export countries, and the largest export product range.

Based on the overseas marketing experience accumulated over many years, Daikin Dragon gradually relied on the growing network of marketing services to gradually align the manufacturing concepts of leading passenger cars in European first-tier bus companies. In recent years, the expansion in overseas markets has brought a large market share and market share. Year by year to enhance the development situation.

According to Xie Weiguo, at the end of July this year, 240 buses were successfully delivered to Algeria, which has once again expanded the share of Dakin Dragon in the local market. So far, nearly 2,000 buses have been operating in Algeria. In cooperation with overseas distributors, on July 29, Daikin Dragon and NTC, the exclusive distributor of Saudi Arabia, signed a 10-year cooperation contract. Previously, both sides have had a good foundation for cooperation for 10 years. The renewed 10-year cooperation agreement signed this time fully demonstrates both the trust of the partners and their confidence in the future business development. This signifies that the foundation of Dajinlong's Middle East market will be more stable.

In the Peruvian region of the South American market, Daikin’s overseas sales performance is also commendable. The city of Lima, capital of Peru, formulated a series of public transportation reform plans several years ago to eliminate old buses and improve the efficiency of bus operations. At the end of June this year, the second phase of the plan was officially launched. Dajinlong has been deeply cultivating the Peruvian market for many years. Since 2008, it has cumulatively exported more than 600 buses to it, valued at more than US$40 million. According to statistics, in the fourth quarter of last year and the first half of this year, Dajinlong's natural gas buses ranked first in the local sales.

Xie Weiguo said that reviewing the outstanding overseas performance achieved in 2013 and now, Dajinlong will continue to intensify its efforts to do a good job in the market, strengthen the optimization of overseas channels, and implement the overseas team construction work, which will be the overseas market for Daikin Dragon. The further expansion is fully prepared.

In recent years, the overseas competition of bus companies has become increasingly fierce, and traditional marketing methods have become bottlenecks. In particular, since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the liquidity in the global capital market has dropped drastically, causing many end-users overseas to be shy when buying a car. Whether it can take the initiative to solve the financing problems of distributors and end customers and meet the actual needs of customers has become an important step for companies seeking space for development in overseas markets.

On August 13, Daikin Dragon signed a financing cooperation agreement with the Peruvian distributor PEGACO. This is the first time that domestic passenger car companies have passed medium and long-term financing services to resolve overseas customers' financing difficulties. The conclusion of this agreement has effectively enhanced the ordering capabilities of Daikin Dragon dealers and end customers, and also promoted Daikin Dragon to further expand the South American market.

Guo Jinxiang, general manager of Daikin Dragon, told reporters, “In the process of expanding overseas markets, some companies tend to favor the 'price war'. The result of this is that everyone is busy trying to cut costs. The emphasis on vehicle quality is also due to the 'price'. "We have gradually weakened by the impact of the war. This is not a good way to seek further expansion of the company's overseas markets. How to meet the more comprehensive needs of customers is an effective way to expand overseas markets and seek development space." He finally stressed that “Grand Dragon will continue to implement its global marketing strategy for globalization, inject new technologies into future products, and use technological elements to enhance the quality of passenger cars; attract outstanding dealers to join forces to accelerate the construction of overseas sales service networks; After-sales service, establish a high-quality after-sale brand in overseas markets, meet customer needs in many ways, and seek greater space for further development of overseas markets."

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