CNC Machines Times Unlimited Potential

Machine Tool Numerical Control Times PLC Unlimited Potential The direction of future machine tools is numerically controlled and progressively high-end. These machines all require the use of a large number of PLCs and motion controllers/cards to gradually replace relays or mechanical controls, so that the overall performance of the machine tool is improved. In the long run, plc and motion control The application of the device/card in the machine tool industry still has great potential.

The PLC used on CNC machine tools is also called PMC. It has fast response, high control accuracy, good reliability, and the control program can be changed with different applications. It is easy to interface with the computer and maintain. In general, PLC programs used on CNC machine tools include system programs and user programs. The system program includes monitoring program, compiler program and diagnostic program, etc., provided by the PLC manufacturer, and solidified in the EPROM, the user can not directly access, and does not require user intervention. The Libya user program is an application program compiled by the PLC program language according to the needs of on-site control to achieve various control requirements. The commonly used PLC programming languages ​​mainly include trapezoidal frames, statement tables, and function block diagrams.

Because many actuators of CNC machine tools are controlled by PLC control commands, PLC can be used to quickly detect and repair CNC machine tools, or modify and write PLC programs to add an executable action to CNC machine tools. Or function.

CNC machine tool is a machine and electric integration product that integrates computer technology, PLC technology, and automation technology. As the core of the CNC machine tool, the control system directly relates to the normal operation of the equipment. By utilizing the powerful functions of the CNC machine tool PLC, it can make full use of CNC machine tools. The role of the control system can also bring great convenience to the fault diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

In the era of numerical control, PLC technology has unlimited potential, and the future will be applied to CNC machine tools in the future. This effectively eliminates the hidden dangers of collision between the spindle of the machine tool and the fixtures and workpieces caused by the operator's mistakes, ensures the safety of production, and has good economic benefits.

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