U.S. "countervailing" sticks swing to Chinese parts

On September 17, President Obama announced: "The United States has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization accusing the Chinese government of subsidizing the export of automobiles and their parts and components."
â–  The meaning of a drunkard
The United States asked the World Trade Organization to begin negotiations on the "subsidy" of at least US$1 billion provided by the Chinese government to autos and their parts and components companies from 2009 to 2011.
The U.S. prosecution was directed at China’s “national auto and auto parts export base” and opposed the Chinese government’s support for the construction of auto and component manufacturers in selected regions as export centers for the automotive industry. The United States declared: "This policy has helped China's exports of automobiles and their parts and components to increase from 7.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2001 to 69.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2011."
The United States believes that China "illegally" subsidizes the export of automotive products, tries to increase the export volume of automobiles and their parts and directly impacts the $350 billion U.S. auto industry. The U.S. auto industry is currently in the midst of recovering from a severe recession and recovering gradually. .
Just before the U.S. government formally brought China's export subsidies policy for Chinese autos and their components to the World Trade Organization, China submitted a lawsuit against the U.S. Tariff Act to the World Trade Organization. The core of these two lawsuits is to seek to determine the nature of China's subsidy policy.
The "Subsidy and Countervailing Agreements" classifies various types of subsidies into three categories: prohibition subsidies, appeal subsidies, and non-litigation subsidies. Among them, non-complaints and subsidies are permitted by the World Trade Organization and cannot be referred to the World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Body. No countervailing duty may be imposed on imported products that enjoy such subsidies.
In special subsidies, government assistance for company research activities, or assistance for higher education institutions or research institutions and companies to sign research and organize research activities, are all non-litigation subsidies.
After China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, China’s economic laws and regulations were extensively cleaned up in accordance with relevant regulations. Afterwards, the Chinese government’s subsidy measures for most auto and component production and export bases are research assistance. In addition, most types of subsidies enjoyed by various domestic industries are temporary measures.
In the history of the World Trade Organization, exceptions and immunities for members to retain the principle of non-discrimination have been active for more than 10 years, and many have retained it for decades.
The Chinese government has adopted policies to attract specific industrial enterprises to gather in specific regions in order to form production and export bases and create strong competitiveness, which should be regarded as "non-litigation subsidies."
While the US Democratic Party’s presidential nominee Obama won votes in the Midwest, that is, when Obama tried to strike back against Republican presidential nominee Romney accused him of being too weak in China, Obama hurriedly filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization, accusing the Chinese government of Export subsidies for cars and their components.
Under the current US general election situation, Ohio, Florida, and several states in the Midwest are key to Obama's vote. Currently, the auto parts industry contributes nearly 500,000 jobs to the United States, of which 542,000 are in Ohio. From 2001 to 2010, the employment rate of the US auto industry declined significantly.
Romney advocated toughness against China during the campaign. Even after the Obama administration sued the World Trade Organization for export subsidies for Chinese cars and their parts and components, Romney was also arrogant and unrestrained.
The meaning of a drunkard is not alcohol. Obama abruptly once again waved big sticks to China's auto parts exports, purely to block election motives, Romney, and encourage voters to vote.
â–  Domestic companies should not be numb
The United States has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization, accusing the Chinese government of subsidizing the export of automobiles and its parts and components. The unprecedented momentum is unprecedented. The scope is no longer just a subdivided parts industry, but involves the entire automobile and Parts industry's export business can be overwhelmed by its crackdown.
To describe this incident with appalling words is not excessive. China's auto industry and its parts and components industry should be shocked and should be given a high degree of attention after shock and act quickly to be a strong counterattack. What is the actual situation?
On September 26th, several sub-industry associations in the domestic auto parts industry and several relevant personages responsible for the United States, which had a large export business, responded almost unanimously in an interview: “Unknowingly!”
When reporters asked them how they were prepared to deal with the United States' unreasonable troubles, the relevant person in charge of one of the large export-oriented enterprises thought for a long time and said without hesitation: "It is still hard to say what a good policy is."
In imminent danger, they were so numb that they couldn't help but laugh.
Faced with this situation, the reporter thinks of Lu Xun's lifelike image of Xianglin, mourning his misfortune and angering him.
The trade friction between China and the United States shows a normal trend. In this regard, China's relevant enterprises must be prepared for battle.
Relevant experts pointed out: "China's export subsidy policy will be the key to Sino-US trade disputes. Both sides will continue to heat up the game of subsidy rules. While utilizing relevant rules to fully safeguard their own rights and interests, China's auto parts industry is still an export-oriented enterprise. It will face a deteriorating international trade environment and it is necessary to actively seek transformation and seek new outlets as soon as possible."
â–  The Chinese government must be courageous
“The United States’ accusation involving China’s entire automobile and parts industry is very serious. In recent years, the domestic wheel industry has exported many wheels to the United States year after year. I’ve always paid attention to the so-called anti-dumping anti-dumping measures of developed country’s exports of Chinese auto parts. The subsidy 'trends, although he had a hunger for this matter, but did not expect it to come so fast!' Wang Xiushan, secretary general of the Wheel Committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, was surprised.
Over the years, China has lost a lot of cases in international trade frictions and disputes. The worst thing is that many developed countries headed by the United States have not recognized China as a market economy country, and do not allow prices to be controlled by the government. Wang Xiushan said: "This incident involves a struggle between the state and the state. The situation is very complicated. At this time, the United States has vigorously engaged in the so-called 'anti-subsidy', which undoubtedly involves the US presidential election. Maybe it also violated the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands and the Japanese government. related."
Because the United States has "countervailing subsidies" on the export of Chinese cars and their parts and components, the counterattack power of a single subdivided industry or enterprise is insignificant. As weak people encounter a powerful bully, they are helpless and helpless. Wang Xiu-shan sighed: "This is disgusting!"
Wang Xiushan believes: "The US accusations are actually directed against the Chinese government. Besides, companies need government support. At this time, the Chinese government shouts 'opposes' slogans such as pale and powerless, and it should be maintained. To fight for national interests and not to hesitate at all, we should organize auto industry associations and enterprises to organize and coordinate, decisively attack, and resolutely counterattack.The counterattack must be strong. The best way to counterattack is to retaliate. If the national authorities in this case It's sad to do nothing in the matter."
The relevant experts called for: "Invites export-oriented enterprises to strictly abide by the laws of the exporting countries and regions, and respect the customs there. At the same time, regardless of where the Chinese are in the world, the Chinese government should be a strong backing for the Chinese people."
Wang Xiushan said happily: "I raise my hands in favor of this point of view!"

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