The tendency of "anxious for success" in the development of machine tool industry

The tendency of "anxious for success" in the development of machine tool industry The role of the machine tool industry in the modernization development of a country has received increasing attention, especially the development of the core manufacturing fields of the key machine tools industry, providing equipment and services for industrial development. In recent years, China’s medium and high-end machine tools and functional component industries have significantly increased their share in the domestic market, forming a group of world-renowned brands and advantageous companies.

Although the development momentum of the Chinese machine tool industry has been strong for many years and must be objectively recognized, it is relative to its own past. In fact, the gap between us and the manufacturing powerhouses of machine tools is still very great. We need to make great efforts and make great efforts to close the gap. In particular, we need to calm down and stay calm and do a lot of solid foundation work. At present, the mentality and emotions that exist in various degrees within and outside the machine tool industry in our country are very harmful. The so-called eagerness for success has two main manifestations at this stage:

First, only satisfied with "can do" and ignore "doing well"

With regard to the achievements made by China's machine tool industry, we acknowledge on the one hand that compared to the past, we can now do many things that we could not do in the past. Here we mainly refer to some high-end products. However, on the other hand, we must also recognize that the high-end products we have made are not very effective in achieving good application results among users. Even if we form a certain market size, there are very few products. There is a big gap between "doing well" and "making features" at this initial stage.

This situation is not a problem in itself, because it is a stage of development that we must go through. The problem is that we cannot just be satisfied with this stage, and even stop at this stage for a long time. The industry has learned many lessons in this area in the past and these performances are still quite a few. For example, doing a prototype may sometimes be unrealistically propaganda, breaking the monopoly, breaking the blockade, and reaching the international advanced level. The result was the identification of awards, the successful completion of the results, the shelving of preliminary results, and the eagerness to devote attention and resources to new and more “fashionable” projects.

For the current status of the machine tool industry, it is necessary to realize the essential leap from “can do” to “do it well”. In fact, the difference between "can do" and "do a good job" is not a quantitative difference but an essential difference. We must understand the problem in this way, because only in this way can we attract sufficient attention and invest enough attention and resources to realize this leap.

Second, we tend to “make the world” and break away from reality

With the rapid development of industrial enterprises, the continuous expansion of economic scale and the improvement of innovation capability, the pride and self-confidence of industry enterprises have been greatly enhanced. Therefore, “what you want to do, anything you can do” is “best for the world”. The tendencies have manifested in varying degrees. Under the guidance of this ideological tendency, some industries and enterprises have adopted four-faced attacks, resulting in fragmented resources. Not only has the new direction not been successfully achieved, but the original advantages have also been weakened to some extent.

It should be said that this has always been a trend of positive development. However, the problem lies in grasping the degree of expansion, grasping the scope and speed of expansion, following the law, attaching importance to the foundation, and avoiding weaknesses, and must not be separated from reality. We must be clear that corporate resources are limited and their own advantages are also limited. Limited resources can only be used for limited goals, and they should be goals that have their own relative advantages.

Therefore, it is necessary to overcome the irritated feelings and make some achievements. We must learn from the successful experience that companies in the industry have already created, and on the basis of a rational analysis of our own strengths and development potentials, we must select the market direction that focuses on breakthroughs and focus on Resources, focus on goals, intensive cultivation, adhere to long-term unremitting efforts.

In short, the challenges facing the development of China's machine tool industry require companies to have the correct understanding, attitudes and methods, and to adapt to the new characteristics of market demand, structural upgrades, and new changes in the development environment, while accelerating the fundamental transformation of development methods, only Only in this way can we continue to enhance the overall quality of the company itself and the development path of a powerful machine tool industry in China.

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