Show off the rich BMW

China may have been strong enough to be instructive about the debt problems of the United States. As far as luxury cars are concerned, most Chinese still lack trust in the local automobile industry.

This is good news for global luxury car manufacturers; they are watching China jump to the top from the bottom of the sales chart in less than a decade.

After the 36-year-old Zhang Shengli reviewed the evaluation of various local brands on the Internet, he finally decided to purchase Germany’s BMW. His explanation for this is: "I bought a car, not a bicycle. I don't think that the domestic car is unreliable." He has already arrived at Shanghai Fande Automotives, BMW's first dealer in China. The BMW 520 Executive Car (valued at RMB 441,000, or USD 68,600) paid the deposit.

Zhang Shengli chose this model because he “only used” to wait until November or December to mention the car, highlighting the fact that it takes a long time to purchase many luxury cars in China. Zhang Shengli said: "I want to drive before the Spring Festival." He refers to the Lunar New Year in January next year.

Eric Mao, chief executive of Shanghai Bowdex, which has 9 BMW dealers in East China, said that since the country eased import controls in 2004, Chinese demand for foreign luxury cars exploded. . He said that more than a decade ago, "no one even knew what BMW was." "BMW" means "precious horse" in Chinese.

Today, China has become the world’s largest market for Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousines and the Porsche Cayenne, and will soon become the global leader in China’s luxury car market, Audi. The first big market.

Although it is expected that the overall growth of the Chinese automobile market will not reach 10% this year, Mercedes-Benz's sales increased by about 50% in the first seven months of this year. Klaus Paur of Synovate, a Shanghai automotive consulting company, said: “The unique brand positioning of German luxury car manufacturers has been favored by successful people. Successful people have demonstrated their identity and have been successful Show off your achievements."

Mao Qianping said that many of his clients are buying cars for the first time and they don’t know much about cars. "In China, there are many, many rich people, but these people have little experience. How do people say, they will do," Mao Qianping said. "If friends open a BMW 7 Series and they don't, they will feel no face."

Mao Qianping said that in deciding whether or not to have accessories that are not optional, showing off the mentality also works. "They want something that they can see and touch. They don't want to see it." According to him, leather seats and car TVs are popular choices.

Comparing with friends, colleagues, and neighbors is a big motivator for people to buy luxury cars—everywhere else, but especially in China.

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