Group buy out of construction machinery marketing a "new move"

Buying fire is an indisputable fact. You can buy, drink, and play, but it's still scary to say that you buy engineering machinery. On June 18, Zoomlion’s road machinery company launched a group purchase campaign in conjunction with an industry website to push five star products onto the group purchase platform.

A person in charge of the Zoomlion Group said in an interview with a reporter from the China Industry News: “Although the value of a single unit of industrial products is large, it is not necessarily insulated from group purchases. BMW can sell on TV. We must also encourage it. Try new sales methods."

Group purchase can enjoy 150,000 yuan discount

In recent years, despite the fact that many industries have tried to buy water online, the construction machinery industry has not changed. Zoomlion has taken the lead in launching group buying activities for road machinery products in the industry, breaking the traditional marketing structure of the industry, and it is a major innovation in the e-commerce marketing model of construction machinery.

It is understood that Zoomlion has participated in the group purchase of five products. They are YZC13 hydraulically driven dual drum vibration roller, DTU90D multi-function pavers, LTU120D asphalt paver, SUPER130 super paver, and LB3000. Type and above asphalt mixing equipment. These five products are the flagship products of Zoomlion Road Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2011, and users participating in the group purchase can enjoy super discounted prices. Among them, customers who purchased LB 3000-type or above asphalt stations can not only obtain 150,000 yuan in coupons, but also receive a pickup worth more than 100,000 yuan.

According to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, the customers who participated in the group purchase not only received preferential price, but also promised that the after-sales service for group purchase products would not be discounted, and would not only give a three-year full-time overhaul service for the whole time. It also provides customers with opportunities for training at Zoomlion headquarters.

At the same time, China Road Machinery Network, which is a strategic activity partner for this event, will also launch special services for group purchase users. Any user who successfully orders equipment can become a member of the site, and enjoy the latest project information and rental information services provided by the website. Successful users can also communicate with Zoomlion’s technical experts through the exchange platform on the website.

It is reported that Zoomlion chose China Road Machinery Network as a cooperative partner for this group purchase activity after careful inspection and careful consideration. After nine years of development and precipitation, China's road machinery network is currently an important platform for domestic engineering equipment e-commerce. In 2010, the turnover of new equipment on the site was as high as RMB 7.82 billion. In addition, Zoomlion chose to buy products based on the Chinese road machinery online users of the inquiry information, the existence of a large number of potential users makes the company confident in the success of this activity.

From zero down payment to buy

From the previous zero payment to today's group purchase, the marketing methods of the construction machinery industry are changing with each passing day. However, the root cause is the prosperity of the construction machinery market.

Based on the extraordinary growth of the previous year, in the first quarter of 2011, the construction machinery industry continued to maintain a high-speed development trend, and the growth rates of major products were all above 40%. The booming production and sales situation has exacerbated competition among manufacturers.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, some companies have begun to adopt some unconventional sales promotion methods in order to expand their influence in the industry and seize more market share. From the purchase of products to send large items of household appliances to deliver cars, mini-excavators and other prizes, until the implementation of mortgage purchase zero down payment products promotion measures, especially in the excavator industry, the most prominent performance.

In response, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association stated that this highly stimulating promotion method has triggered a large number of irrational purchases of industry products. This not only disrupts the normal market competition order of the industry, but also brings to production companies and agents. Huge business risk. At present, this phenomenon has become increasingly fierce, not only the participation of small businesses in the industry, but also some large-scale well-known companies are also involved in them, promotional products also gradually spread to more models from a certain type of aircraft.

Mr. Jun Jun, Chairman of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, pointed out a clear-cut view of the irrational promotion phenomenon in the industry: he did not support a zero down payment mortgage sales model. He believes that this is tantamount to thirst for companies. If this phenomenon cannot be effectively curbed, it may evolve into a price war in the industry, which will seriously affect the market order in the industry's fair competition and impede the improvement of industry products and service quality. Will cause damage to corporate brand and image.

Of course, compared with the zero down payment sales model, group purchase has an essential difference. As for the pros and cons, it obviously has yet to be tested. However, the phenomena that emerge from group purchase itself can still be seen as some clues to the development of the industry. That is: In the construction machinery industry, market competition will become increasingly fierce.

Qi Jun expects that this year, China's construction machinery sales revenue of the entire industry will achieve about 17% growth, exports will increase by about 25%, industry exports will be fully restored to the highest level before 2008.

Although steady growth is expected in the future, risks are also accumulating in secret. Due to the recent tightening of bank credits, companies have a shortage of funds when they purchase equipment. As a result, some construction machinery companies have started to reduce their selling prices and down payment. This will cause the future R&D costs of construction machinery companies to become tighter and also increase their operating costs. risk.

After the compilation: Construction machinery industry as an important part of the machinery industry, its existence is undoubtedly affected by various economic factors and the environment. Its marketing methods will also continue to evolve with the development of the times and society. However, it will remain the core element of the sustainable development of the industry enterprises, regardless of the conditions, to ensure product quality, to do the best products, provide first-class services.

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