"Two high and one capital" industry is still the focus of control

On January 22nd, at the meeting of the Directorate of National Environmental Protection in 2008, Zhou Shengxian, director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, pointed out that the next three years will be a critical period for the implementation of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for environmental protection. It is necessary to give prominence to pollution reduction and water pollution prevention and control. The environmental protection, environmental protection of key industries and key projects have resulted in the control of sulfur dioxide and COD emissions and the deterioration of the ecological environment.

Zhou Shengxian said that this year, the State Environmental Protection Administration will impose limits on production limits for enterprises that fail to meet environmental protection requirements, stop production for renovation, and shut down. Evaluate sulfur dioxide and COD emissions in 2008 for heavily polluting industries such as chemicals and paper, and other enterprises that exceed pollution emission standards, exceed total control targets, and produce or use toxic and hazardous substances, and ensure that emissions of sulfur dioxide and COD in 2008 are higher than in 2005. Decreased by 6% and 5%. For serious lakes with eutrophication, a batch of industrial construction projects that increase the total amount of nitrogen and phosphorus emissions are stopped in the whole basin. In particular, it is necessary to raise the environmental barriers to entry, strictly control the excessive growth of the “two high and one capital” industry, stop the approval of construction projects that discharge heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants into rivers, and fail to complete the task of eliminating backward production capacity; Areas with outstanding problems such as total control indexes and lagging construction of key pollution control projects must implement “regional limited approvals”.

According to reports, since the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", environmental protection work has achieved certain results, and relevant state departments have increased the environmental access requirements for 13 high-energy-consuming and high-emission industrial construction projects such as petrochemicals; 377 of the total investment is nearly 1.5 trillion yuan. The project made a decision not to approve or postpone the examination and approval; conducted a special inspection on environmental protection for more than 9,000 new projects in the country; and suspended construction, postponement, supplementation, and improvement measures for 1194 projects that did not meet the environmental impact assessment requirements. deal with.

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