Xiangfan uses fertilizer to produce compound fertilizer

Urban garbage will be turned into waste in the Xiangyang District, Xiangfan City, Hubei Province. On January 19th, Xiangfan City's 300,000 tons of municipal solid waste recycling compound fertilizer project was laid in Hongshantou Village, Zhangwan Town, Xiangyang District.
Xiangyang Hongshantou Village has the largest landfill in Xiangfan City, causing some pollution to the surrounding environment. After Xiangfan Huanqi Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. settled in this place, it started investing 260 million yuan to build a 300,000-ton urban household garbage production and high-efficiency compound fertilizer project, which can not only digest the living garbage of these cities, eliminate environmental pollution, but also can produce high-efficiency annually. 95,000 tons of compound fertilizer, 1.2 million cubic meters of building materials products, 11,000 tons of plastic pellets, and provide a large number of jobs. After the completion of the project, in addition to making the waste disposal resource-recycling and harmless, it is also possible to reclaim more than 10 years of landfill waste in the original Xiangfan and Xiangyang districts, and use more than 300 acres of renewable land.

    CNI fiber optic spectrometers with the characteristics of compact and portable design, plug and play, easy operation and Spectral Analysis 5.0 software downloads, can replace the old spectrophotometers. They are widely used in Laser wavelength and line width measurement and also the laser excitation fluorescence, Raman and LIBS spectrum measurement.

    Fiber Optic Spectrometer with the advantages of modularization and flexibility of its measuring system is widely used to measure wavelength and line width of laser, LED and common light source, can accurately obtain the spectral characteristics of the light source which is being tested. CNI developed spectrometers with the characteristics of compact and portable design, plug and play, easy operation and Spectral Analysis 5.0 software downloads, which are extensively applied on the fields of scientific research, teaching, industries and many other applications. CNI can also customize the wavelength and resolution of the spectrometers according to different customers` demands.


High Resolution Spectrometer 

Aurora 4000

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Resolution is up to 0.1nm (FWHM) 

Application: Laser wavelength

 analysis; LED sorting; Chemical,etc

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Application:Raman spectrum; 

Semiconductor processing, etc

Compact and portable design 

Application: Laser wavelength

 analysis; Biochemical analysis, etc

That is made features of wide 

spectral rang and high resoultion,

with synchronous delay device

 Components & Accessories


HLS-1000 Halogen Tungsten 

Light Source

TG series External Trigger Box Fiber Holder
Optical Signal Collector
4 Way Cuvette Holder

   Sample Spectrum

sample spectrum of fiber optic spectrometer

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