Industrial vehicle market segmentation Iveco tailored to meet customer needs

During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China's new industry car market will enter a period of rapid development, and a large number of new products such as "on-site security vehicles", "mobile broadcast trucks", "mobile catering trucks" and "on-site inspection vehicles" will inspire Chinese industries. The rapid growth of the new car market. Since last year, according to the special needs of some industries, Iveco has tailor-made a series of new uses of light passengers, such as mobile movie projectors, mobile communication service vehicles, industrial and commercial food monitoring vehicles, and agricultural science and technology through trains, to penetrate into all walks of life. , has become a new bright spot in China's light passenger market.

At present, the number of industrial vehicles in China is in short supply in terms of both quantity and type. According to statistics, in the United States, Germany and other developed countries, the proportion of vehicle ownership in the industry has reached more than 80%, and the number of varieties is as many as 6,000; while the proportion of car use in the industry in China is only about 30% and less than 2,000. There is huge room for growth. At present, China's light bus market has entered a stage of steady development, and light passenger companies who can quickly grasp the trend of industry warming, who will usher in a new breakthrough. According to the person in charge of Nanjing Iveco, although the production of light passengers has always been an advantage of Iveco, the needs of various industries are changing with each passing day. They must keep up with or even grasp the needs of the industry in advance in order to seize market opportunities.

Compared with the traditional light passenger market, specialization, personalization, high added value, high technology content, and high reliability are the basic purchase standards for industrial vehicles. Among them, the safety, confidentiality, and maneuverability of vehicles for financial escort vehicles and military procurement vehicles are much higher than those of ordinary civilian vehicles. Based on the design of the financial escort truck, Nanjing Iveco also designed a military postal transport vehicle, equipped with enclosed mail storage and safe depositing equipment for confidential emails, and fully guaranteed the efficiency and safety of postal transport.

In order to seek further development of the industry itself, new operating methods and service methods in some industries have also stimulated further improvement of procurement standards. In telecommunications, tobacco, testing and other industries, the service mode of “changing passiveness into initiative” and “moving in and out” has become an advantageous weapon for users. This service model also sets new requirements for service vehicles.

According to the needs of professional vehicles in medical, industry and commerce, communications, tobacco and other industries, Nanjing Iveco has meticulously "individualized" designs and has become a "magic weapon" to impress customers. Last year, they launched the "Mobile Communications Service Vehicle", which fully met the needs of the communications industry to get closer to users and improve service levels, and it soon became popular among operators. At present, the telecommunications, Unicom, and mobile branches in Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei, Shaanxi, Anhui, and Jiangxi have accumulated more than 400 Iveco mobile service vehicles.

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