• High Quality 134A Manifold Gauge With Adjustable Coupler For Cooling System Tester
  • Unique biphenotypic valve
  • The gasket seal adopts the most popular environmental protection material can live up to eight years
  • with 3pieces 1.5m long hose and 3000psi max explosion pressure And the max explosion pressure is optional with 2500psi 3000psi 4000psi
  • pack with 2pcs stright coupler,1pcs multifunction bottle opener,1pcs valve tools,1bag oil seal ring


Refrigeration Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set with hose and quick coupler 




1.Refrigeration Manifold Meter Set
2.high quality aluminum alloy valve body 
3.gentle and comfortable design



The new Poly Run 4 Valve Test and Charging Manifold has been trimmed down for lighter weight but with the same powerful performance of the original model. This streamlined unit continues to provide the flow faster than any conventional manifold. And even though sleeker and more compact, the aluminum alloy is forged for strength and reliability with 3/8'' bores through the body to speed the job. 



1. Fourth hose enables connection to Hi/Lo side, refrigerant cylinder, and recovery unit or vacuum pump for diagnostics. Evacuation and charging without switching hoses

-1/4'' SAE Hi/Lo side with 3/8'' SAE vacuum port for regular jobs

-3/8'' SAE Hi/Lo side with 1/2'' SAE vacuum port for larger system

2. Front access for easy field recalibration

3. Proven double O-ring piston for reliability and long service life 

4. Exclusive 100-mesh filter in-line on all flare fittings helps keep out particulate material and extend the life of the seat

5. Contoured easy-grip handles for positive control, color coded for ready identification

6. Sight glass to easily view refrigerant movement and condition during charging and recovery

7. Heavy duty hook won't pull out

8. Also available with Poly Run 3-1/8'' (80mm) liquid-filled gauge


Refrigerant Gauge


R--22, R-404A, R-410A

R--12, R-22, R-502

R-134a, R-404A, R-407C

R--22,  R-134a, R-404A,

68mm / 80mm Gauge optional, dry / liquid filled gauge optional, 68mm / 80mm gauge boot optional, more refrigerant gauge optional, psi / bar / kPa / C / F unit optional 

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