Anhui Tiankang Metal Tube Floater Flowmeter Common Troubleshooting Methods

Anhui Tiankang Metal Tube Floater Flowmeter is one of the most common flowmeters in industrial production. It is a kind of flowmeter suitable for small-diameter and low-flow medium flow measurement within DN200; reliable work, low maintenance, long service life; for straight pipe section requirements Not high; wide flow ratio of 10:1; dual-line large LCD display, optional instantaneous/cumulative flow display, metal tube rotor flowmeter is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive media; has a simple structure, reliable work, Wide range of applications, accurate measurement, easy installation and so on. Can be used for flammable, explosive and dangerous occasions; optional two-wire system, battery, AC power supply mode; multi-parameter calibration function; with data recovery, data backup and power-down protection.
    Anhui Tiankang Group, a company specializing in the R&D and production of metal tube float flowmeters, has acquired a wealth of troubleshooting methods for metal flowmeters based on years of experience in customer service and on-site maintenance. The following are shared with everyone:
    First, the main reason why the metal pipe floater flowmeter stops at a certain position is that the float of the metal pipe floater flowmeter is stuck.
    Generally, when the metal pipe float meter is used, the speed of opening the valve is too fast, which causes the float to impact the stopper quickly and cause the stopper to deform and cause the float to jam. However, it is not ruled out that the float is stuck due to the misalignment of the float guide rod and the stop ring. The instrument can be removed when processing, remove the deformed stopper, and check if it is concentric with the guide rod. If it is different, correct it, then install the floater, push the floater, and feel the float up and down smoothly. In addition, when installing the metal tube float flowmeter, it must be installed vertically or horizontally, and it cannot be tilted, otherwise it will easily cause the card table and bring errors to the measurement.
    Second, the metal tube float flow meter pointer jitter:
1 . Slight hand jitter: generally caused by medium fluctuations. It can be overcome by adding damping.
2 . Moderate pointer jitter: Generally caused by the medium flow state. For the gas is generally caused by the media operating pressure instability. Stable or steady flow devices can be used to overcome or increase the gas damping of metal tube float flowmeters.
3 . Severe pointer jitter: mainly due to medium pulsation, air pressure instability or the pressure, temperature, and flow rate of the gas operating state given by the user is inconsistent with the actual state of the metal tube floater flowmeter, and there is a large difference in the overrun of the metal tube floater flowmeter.
    Third, no current output
1 . First look at the wiring is correct.
2 . Whether the liquid crystal display, if there is no output display, mostly output tube is bad, need to replace the circuit board.
3 . Loss of calibration value. Due to the failure of the E2PROM, the calibration data of the meter will be lost and no output current will be caused, and the current will remain unchanged. Workaround: Available data recovery operations.
    Fourth, no live display

1 . Check the wiring is correct.
2 . Check if the power supply is correct.
3 . Reinstall the LCD module and check for false contacts.
4 . For multi-wire power supply, check whether the terminal is connected to an ammeter or short circuit.
    Fifth, the alarm is incorrect
1 . Check deviation setting d cannot be too large.
2 . Whether the logic function is correct. HA-A indicates the upper bound positive logic. LA-A means lower limit positive logic.
3 . Check the alarm value setting size.
4 . If the LCD bar code indicates correct and the output does not operate, check whether the negative pole of the external power supply and the external power supply is connected to the negative pole of the instrument power supply.
5 . The board is faulty. Replace the circuit board.
    Six, on-site LCD display 0 or full scale
1 . Check the set range and zero parameters. ZERO is required to be less than the SPAN value, and the two values ​​cannot be equal.
2 . Check whether the sampling data comes up. Push the pointer by hand to see the change of the sampling value. If there is no change, the circuit sampling circuit is generally faulty and the circuit board needs to be replaced.
    Seventh, metal tube floater flowmeter measurement error
1 . Installation does not meet the requirements for the vertical installation of metal tube float flowmeter to maintain vertical, tilt angle of not more than 20 degrees for the horizontal installation of metal tube float flowmeter to maintain the level, the inclination is not greater than 20 degrees 100mm space around the metal tube float flowmeter must not have ferromagnetism object. The installation location should be far away from the valve changing port, pump outlet, process pipeline turning and so on. To maintain the requirements of the 250mm straight section after the first 5D.
2 . The greater variation in the density of the liquid medium is also a cause of the larger errors. Since the instrument is calibrated according to the density given by the user before the calibration, the flow rate of the water in the calibration state is calibrated. Therefore, if the medium density changes greatly, it will cause great errors in the measurement. The solution can bring the changed media density into the formula and convert it into the error correction factor. Then, the flow rate measured by the flow meter is multiplied by the coefficient to change the real flow rate.
3 . Because of the great influence of temperature and pressure on the gaseous medium, it is recommended to use temperature and pressure compensation to obtain real flow.
4 . Due to long-term use and pipeline vibration and other factors caused by the metal tube float flowmeter sensing magnetic steel, pointer, counterweight, rotating magnetic steel and other moving parts loose, resulting in greater errors. Solution: You can verify by first pushing the pointer by hand. First, press the pointer on the RP position to see if the output is 4mA, and if the flow rate is 0%, verify by the scale. If no match is found, the part can be repositioned. Generally require professionals to adjust, otherwise it will cause loss of position, need to return to the manufacturer for correction.

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