Wison Offshore launches new multi-function LNG carrier

On April 10, Wison Ocean Engineering announced that the company has developed a new multi-functional LNG distribution vessel and named it "Wison-LNGD" (Wison-LNG distribution vessel). The capacity of Wison LNGD can be expanded from 5,000 cubic meters to 20,000 cubic meters, integrating LNG loading, filling, container transportation and other functions, achieving a more economical and efficient LNG re-distribution in a certain area.

         Traditional LNG carriers are designed to load, transport and unload full-load LNG tanks between the two terminals; Wison's LNGD enables the distribution of LNG in the coastal areas, including the Indian subcontinent , Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and the Nordic region. The Wison-LNGD design can operate in a shallow draft area of ​​4.5 meters and deliver LNG at locations that are not reachable by LNG vessels of similar capacity. The azimuth thruster (product library supply) propulsion system (purchasing supply of the product library) gives Wison LNGD excellent maneuverability, so that it does not require additional tugboats (ship type shipyards) to assist. As one of the features of this product, the filling arm can make the filling ship connect to the facility that receives the LNG more quickly, thus shortening the staying time. The loading arm will be directly connected to the manifold of the receiving section and will not need to be connected to each receiving point by means of a hose transfer system. A large open deck for cranes (purchased by the product library), this area can also be used to transport general supplies and spare parts. In particular, in order to achieve inland distribution, Wison LNGD is also capable of transporting fully loaded standard LNG containers and extracting empty containers, which can be filled by on-board filling stations.

         Hui Sheng Offshore (Location Review News) CEO Cui Ying said, "For some large floating installations or terrestrial facilities that are difficult to reach or because the scale is too small and commercial is not feasible, Wison's LNGD solution will be A weapon will further promote the development of small FSRU and FSRP in these areas.” Cui Ying commented, “In the near shore, some rivers and harbors with shallow water and restricted access, Wison’s LNGD is also a The ideal solution for recycling LNG in this area."

         In addition to the newly released LNGD solution, Wison also offers a full range of small LNG transportation solutions for the market, including LNG carriers and refueling vessels.

         “We are committed to developing cost-effective innovative products covering the entire LNG industry chain, providing customized solutions to market needs in different scenarios and unlocking unopened market potential by addressing LNG distribution to end customers. Mr. Cui Ying added.


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