Dryer improves equipment drying efficiency

We all know that the dryer is a product of market development and the equipment has a good drying effect. A good dryer can fully dry the water in the material to achieve the desired drying effect. However, during the operation of the dryer, some users may experience high humidity and dry materials. Xiao Bian will teach you some drying techniques today.

The initial ignition of the dryer runs the sawdust so that the temperature of the device rises slowly and does not reach the required temperature. After the sawdust dryer reaches a certain temperature, the drying operation can be performed. Moreover, during the period after the dryer has been shut down, the ignition of the exhaust fumes is very high and the pressure on the dedusting equipment is very high. In order to achieve the best drying effect of the dryer, the drying must be shortened. During the period from when the dryer is switched on until it is put into production, the temperature inside the dryer cylinder is maintained and the temperature is kept constant.

The internal structure of the dryer should be designed based on the characteristics of the material. For example, the angle of the lifting plate can also affect the drying efficiency. The dryer increases the height of the fire wall in the hot blast stove, which can fully burn the heat source and maintain the temperature of the dryer. Put the furnace bar in the combustion chamber, and continue to pulverize the coal before the coal pulverizer stops working. The heat source of the equipment must be continuously and steadily supplied to ensure that there is coal combustion in the combustion chamber. Then the temperature of the dryer can still be guaranteed after the shutdown. Only then can the material dry quickly and evenly.

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