Platinum Group Mine Use and Technical and Economic Indicators

Early platinum group metal is mainly used as jewelery, after 50 years of this century widely used in petroleum, automotive, electronics, chemical, nuclear, and even environmental protection industry. They are not used in these industries, but they play a key role, so they are known as "industrial vitamins."
Platinum is the most versatile and can be used alone or in combination with other platinum group metals. Platinum can be used as a catalyst for the production of nitric acid and ammonia to produce high quality aviation gasoline; contact points in the electrical and electronic industries and platinum- rhodium alloy thermocouples, platinum- iridium spark plug electrodes; platinum- ruthenium used in the glass industry; The missile emits fuel - a catalyst for hydrogen peroxide and a fuel cell electrode of a spacecraft. Palladium is mainly used as a low-current contact point and a catalyst in chemical industry; a palladium alloy tube can be used as a diffusion device for purifying hydrogen.é“‘ has a high reflectance to the visible spectrum and can be used as a mirror surface; lanthanum , cerium and lanthanum are additives for platinum and palladium to improve their hardness, tensile strength, corrosion resistance and melting point. The abrasion resistance of the crucible makes it useful as the nib of a pen. The specific use of platinum group metals is shown in the table below.
At present, the most used platinum group elements are the catalyst and the automobile industry. In 1996, the two major users of the 143t platinum group metals consumed in the world accounted for 35.8% and 28% of the consumption, respectively. The amount of precious metals used in automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts is growing rapidly. At present, more than 50 million honeycomb catalysts are produced annually, each requiring 1.2 g of platinum group metals. In 1993, only this one took 53t of platinum, 22t of palladium and 11t of strontium, a total of 86t, accounting for 50% of the platinum and palladium industrial consumption and 90% of the amount of antimony. In recent years, it has been studied to replace the platinum-palladium-ruthenium three-way catalyst with a cheaper palladium-containing catalyst.

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