North American Navistar 13L new machine life is over 1.9 million kilometers!

Heavy and fierce, North American Navistar released the A26 model 12.4L displacement diesel Engine, it is reported that this is a new design concept of diesel engine products, lighter weight, higher fuel efficiency.
A26 engine Navistar A26 engine

The A26 engine is a new product developed based on the Man D26 engine block, which signifies the acceleration of the cooperation between IWC and the Volkswagen Group.

The A26 is the first product of the Navistar Alpha engine design project. The Alpha project has created a new approach, abandoning the idea of ​​layered engine design in the past and using more modern manufacturing and design concepts to improve the quality of all aspects of the engine.

The A26 engine has a maximum output of 475 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2374 Nm. By changing the design and processing technology of the internal piston connecting rod parts, the weight is also greatly reduced. The A26 has a weight of 1043 kg, which is the lightest in its class and is about 300 kg lighter than the 15 liters and large bore engine used by the traditional American heavy truck.

In addition, the new engine's fuel efficiency is 5% higher than that of similar engines on the UC trucks, the regular oil change interval is 70,000 miles (about 110,000 kilometers), and the engine B10's lifespan is 1.93 million kilometers.

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