·Jiangshan officially operates new energy vehicle timeshare lease

On December 6th, the Jiangshan Municipal Government and Global Car Rental Car Rental Co., Ltd. jointly held the EVREADY@JIANGSHAN (Jiangshan·Electric Vehicle Friendly City Program) conference with the theme of “Zhishan Jiangshan, Green Travel” , marking the new energy of EVCARD. The electric vehicle timeshare lease was officially opened in Jiangshan. This also opened the first step in the green travel of new energy electric vehicles in Chenzhou.
According to industry insiders, time-sharing is the best way to reflect the sharing of economic concepts, help ease traffic pressure, facilitate people's travel, and improve the urban environment. It is already a mature and large-scale industry abroad. In Europe, a time-sharing car can replace 6-12 private cars, which will help alleviate urban traffic pressure.
“New energy vehicle time-sharing has become a new green preferred travel mode. We will use Jiangshan as the headquarters to radiate all over Zhangzhou.” Cao Guangyu, general manager of Global Car Rental Car Rental Co., Ltd. said that the company combines innovative technologies of car networking and new energy vehicles. The big data center and so on make the EVCARD operation very simple. As long as you register as a member, you can remotely book the vehicle through the mobile APP, and it is very convenient to take the car at any network.
It is understood that Jiangshan started to implement the new energy electric vehicle time-sharing project in May this year. At present, 26 outlets have been built in the landmark areas of Jiangshan Municipal Government, Railway Station, Jianglang Mountain, Qiubadu Scenic Area and some hotels. 130 vehicles were put into operation. By the end of the year, the city will have 70 investment and transportation outlets, 500 charging parking spaces, and 200 new energy vehicles, which will reach the full coverage of the city's scenic spots, industrial parks, government agencies, hotels, etc., thus basically satisfying the service radius of urban outlets. Within 1.5 km.

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