Many obstacles behind the “Aura” of plant protection drones are to be broken

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] In the northern plains with better agricultural production conditions, more and more areas have begun to try drone plant protection. Coupled with the strong support of national policies, plant protection drones have received numerous investments. The favor of the people. For the plant protection drones with the “halo” added, the development process also faces a series of difficulties.
Many obstacles behind the “Aura” of plant protection drones are to be broken
Recently, Extreme Flying Technology released a set of drone vision system called "Tianmu", which effectively solved the problem of sheltering the UAV in the night. From then on, the plant protection drone got rid of the "night blindness". Coincidentally, Dajiang is also closely followed by a plant protection drone MG-1S. The MG-1S integrates new technologies from DJI, making it safe in terms of flight safety, environmental perception, spray system, and system positioning. With the upgrade, it can achieve all-weather self-operation. Both Feifei Technology and Dajiang Science and Technology can make great breakthroughs in technology and enhance product competitiveness.
So what obstacles do plant protection drones need to break through? It is understood that China's plant protection drones are faced with a lack of application techniques associated with low-altitude low-volume application, immature research and development of aviation-specific agents, night-time obstacle avoidance and shortage of talents. In addition, the problem of the life of the drone has been repeatedly criticized.
The data shows that the per capita cultivated area of ​​Chinese farmers is only 7 mu. This number is 27 acres in Japan, and 1445 acres in the United States. In the global plant protection aviation operation penetration rate, China's 2% of the data is also far below the world average of 17%.
However, behind the gap, China's plant protection drones have great potential for development. “The efficiency of agricultural plant protection machines is 40 times that of manual drugs.” Xu Huabin, director of industrial application of Dajiang, said, “From the perspective of market demand, with the decrease of labor force and the increase of labor costs, there will be great opportunities for plant protection. market."
At present, China's plant protection aviation operations have a lot of room for improvement. They also need continuous improvement in technology. At the same time, we must balance the growing demand of the plant protection market and the current situation of rural labor and capital shortages to find a better business model. We also expect that the future plant protection drones will be able to complete tasks more and meet the greater needs of farmers.

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