The specific application method of electric car radio charging equipment

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, once said that cities in general carry 75% of the world's population and they also produce 80% of the world's pollution. Therefore, cities must make corresponding solutions to solve the problem of polluting emissions. The biggest pollution in urban roads is pollution caused by too many cars. Therefore, the use of low-carbon electric vehicles will play a role in urban pollution emissions, so building a wireless charging road in the city has great environmental significance.


The following Xiao Bian through professional analysis of the charging location, charging methods and rechargeable batteries, according to the introduction of wireless charging in the specific application of electric vehicles, I hope to help you.

First, the choice of charging location. Because the wireless charging technology has certain restrictions on the distance and status of the charger and the charged device, like the hotspots shared by our mobile phones, if the distance between the two is too large, it will result in the models failing to receive, and the unlimited power technology is also In this way, there is no relative movement between the two, otherwise the effective power can not be stably transmitted, so the location of the current electric vehicle charging is generally a fixed location, the common is generally in the garage, parking lot, intersection bus station, etc. The location, as far as Beijing is concerned, generally has a fixed charging pile. Of course, the cost of building a radio charging device is relatively high. In a relatively economical situation, the highway can also be set up with a charging station, which will bring a lot of electric vehicles. Great convenience.

Second, the choice of charging method. Electromagnetic induction charging has relatively strict requirements on distance and can receive power transmission at a specific location. The efficiency of radio wave charging is relatively low. However, the distance and efficiency of electromagnetic resonance charging can meet the needs of battery vehicles. Therefore, when considering comprehensively, After the electric car market can be charged by electromagnetic resonance will be a new milestone for electric vehicles, but the cost is relatively high.


Finally, the choice of rechargeable batteries. Electric vehicles running on the road at any time will appear to have insufficient battery power to charge, so when selecting a battery, it is necessary to select a non-polluting battery with no memory effect for charging.


Through the above detailed introduction to the use of electric vehicle charging equipment, let us have a more comprehensive understanding of the choice of charging, if you need to establish a comprehensive radio charging technology, then the first need to be in advance by the power supply unit in the road construction according to the plan map Pre-embedded wireless charging equipment in garages at intersections, public parking lots, and some unit communities, and then do a good job of recharging the links between the grid and the solar panels, provided of course that they are suitable for use by automobile manufacturers in car production. The bottom of the installation of the appropriate receiving equipment, do a good job and the link between the livestock battery, and finally the relevant departments need a unified launch and receive signal frequency so that the equipment can be put into use, this is the most critical.

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