Several major constituent systems of mixing trucks

Mixer trucks are special trucks designed to transport concrete for construction purposes; due to its special shape, they are often referred to as snails and olives. Oval-shaped mixer drums are mounted on such trucks to carry the mixed concrete. The mixer drum is always kept in motion during transport so as to ensure that the concrete carried does not freeze. After transporting the concrete, the inside of the mixing drum must be rinsed with water in a timely manner to prevent the remaining concrete from hardening and occupying space, thereby reducing the volume of the mixing drum.


The composition of the mixer truck consists of several major device systems: 1. A power take-off device. The power take-off device removes the engine power and drives the mixer drum through a hydraulic system. The mixer drum maintains positive rotation during feeding and transportation. In order to facilitate the stirring of the concrete, it should be turned in the opposite direction when discharging the material. After the end of the work, attention should be paid to cut off the power connection with the engine. 2. The hydraulic system converts engine power into hydraulic energy, and then converts the motor output into mechanical energy to provide power for the rotation of the mixer drum. 3, operating mechanism, control the direction of rotation of the mixer, so that in the process of feeding and transport positive rotation, the material is reversed rotation, control the speed of the mixing drum. 4, stirring device, mainly composed of the mixing tube and auxiliary support components. The mixing drum is a concrete loading container, and the concrete moves in the spiral direction of the blade when rotating, so that the concrete is mixed and stirred during the continuous lifting and turning process. During feeding and transportation, the mixing drum rotates forward and the concrete moves inward along the blades. When the material is discharged, the mixing drum is reversed and the concrete is discharged outward along the blades. The blade is the main component in the stirring device. Damage or severe wear will cause uneven mixing of the concrete. In addition, if the angle of the blade is unreasonable, it will cause the concrete to segregate. 5, the cleaning system, the main role is to clean the mixing drum, and sometimes also used for the dry material mixing drum during transportation. The cleaning system also cools the hydraulic system. 6, reducer, the hydraulic system to reduce the output speed of the motor, passed to the mixer tube. 7. Fully-enclosed device, which seals the inlet and outlet of the mixing drum, solves the problems of water evaporation, mortar delamination, pump spillage, and traffic safety of traditional mixers.

Mixer trucks are also classified into different types, depending on the moisture content of the shipped concrete, wet-type, dry-type and semi-dry type. When driving, the driver should pay attention to: The mixer has high and low gear, and the novice must pay attention to the gear; the heavy traffic should not exceed 30 yards, and the empty car needs to be mastered; when reversing, it is necessary to pay attention to it, and you must get off at the unfamiliar construction site. Observe the road conditions, because the roads on the construction site are generally uneven and care should be taken when reversing.

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