Lishui, Jiangsu held the promotion of food machinery drying equipment promotion

On the afternoon of August 17, Lishui County, Jiangsu Province, held a conference to promote food machinery drying equipment promotion. The meeting was chaired by Wang Lixin, Director of the County Bureau of Agricultural Machinery. The heads of agricultural machinery of townships and townships and the heads of various sections of the bureau participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, the heads of agricultural machinery of townships and towns reported on the promotion of the current food mechanization drying equipment. Deputy Director Song Yingfei provided guidance on how to apply for land for the construction of food mechanization drying equipment. Director Wang Lixin conducted a deep analysis of the development status and prospects of grain drying equipment in Qinshui County, and made arrangements for the next promotion of grain drying equipment. The team members are required to lead the team and form three inspection teams. All towns and townships go through the hall one by one and actively promote the operation. The large farm machinery, family farms and agricultural cooperatives are interested in developing grain drying machinery to help them, and they are pushing for the drying machinery in Qinshui County. The equipment is good and fast.

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